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Anlamışsin - my biggest hurdle in turkish
1.       Moamen
29 posts
 02 Aug 2014 Sat 11:59 am


Two days ago I asked you guys about Artık-Var ya, and I was very happy with the generous answers that I got, even happier when my turkish penpal said to me "var ya ifadesini doğru kullandın"  

So I came back for more, excuse my greed  


 So I read a lot about WHEN to use MIŞ but it seems the more I read the more confused I get. 

1- sometimes my turkish penpal says "anlamışsin" to me. Another line that i picked up from a movie is smth like "bunu unutmuşsun" so i cant help but deduce that the meaning is "Obviously"


2- i also arrived to the concluation that MIŞ means "so they say, as it is said", in other wprds when telling a story, or talking about actions other ppl did without the speaker being around


However, im never sure when to use either of these MIŞes, could you please give me examples about MIŞ usage comprehensively if possible


I also have another problem regarding MIŞTI, could you also expalin to me thru examples when it is used


As always, thank you in advance  



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2.       tunci
7149 posts
 02 Aug 2014 Sat 12:31 pm


Check this link, Henry´s post explaining usages of miş suffix with examples.




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3.       Moamen
29 posts
 02 Aug 2014 Sat 12:55 pm

Thanks for directing me, that should resolve my problem

4.       tunci
7149 posts
 02 Aug 2014 Sat 01:01 pm


Also for -mişti form you can check this thread, post number 2. 



Edited (8/2/2014) by tunci

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