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Question about tenses in turkish
1.       Đullie
4 posts
 28 Jan 2015 Wed 07:38 pm

hi! i have 2 questions about tenses in turkish. i just found this page so i´m not sure if this is the right place to post my question.


1. question: so if you want to say what is happening now, you use simdiki zaman like: 


im going now - simdi gidiyorum

im coming now- simdi geliyorum

im talking now - simdi konusuyorum


but what if you want to say what you often do? like: 

I go to school every day

I play voleyball 2 days a week?


do you also use simdiki zaman for describing what you often do? like: geliyorum, konusuyorum..?


2. question: how do you say in turkish:

im eating now

im singing now

im sleeping now


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2.       denizli
961 posts
 28 Jan 2015 Wed 08:09 pm



Good question.

The tenses don´t always ´align´ the same between Turkish and English. For example I am eating and I understand are different tenses in English. But the same tense in Turkish - (yemek) yiyorum and anlıyorum.


Here is a good link to this other tense, Geniş Zaman (one use is for what you often do): http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/aoristpos.htm


im singing now - Ben şarkı söylüyorum.

im sleeping now - uyuyorum or Şimdi uyuyorum

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3.       Đullie
4 posts
 28 Jan 2015 Wed 09:21 pm

Thanks so much!

So there´s not different present tenses in turkish? What you often do and what you are doing at the moment is the same?

4.       Đullie
4 posts
 28 Jan 2015 Wed 09:22 pm


Edited (1/28/2015) by Đullie
Edited (1/28/2015) by Đullie

5.       gokuyum
5049 posts
 29 Jan 2015 Thu 12:58 am


Quoting Đullie

Thanks so much!

So there´s not different present tenses in turkish? What you often do and what you are doing at the moment is the same?


There are tenses. But sometimes there is not a very strict seperation between them as in English.

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6.       Jansay
56 posts
 29 Jan 2015 Thu 04:32 am

For things that you do at the moment, you use strictly -yor. For habits and what you do often, it´s not as strict. You can both say:

"Hergün dişlerimi fırçalıyorum." (I brush my teeth everyday.)

"Hergün dişlerimi fırçalarım."

It takes some practice and getting used to. Observing native speakers communicate is a natural and a very good way to learn these type of things.


Hope it was helpful,


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7.       JNQ
465 posts
 29 Jan 2015 Thu 04:18 pm

When you want to stress/make a point that you do something in general, regularly, everyday, not particularly now, then you use Simple Tense. stem+er/ar+personal ending

You can find more about it here: http://www.turkishclass.com/turkish_lesson_74 

Otherwise use -iyorum.

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