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Turkish to English translation help please
1.       jacobjake
76 posts
 13 Mar 2015 Fri 08:44 pm

Thanks for reading my post and for help translating.


sinirlerim ne kadar. yoklasa da ihanetin sınırlarını, ZULAMDA halâ tebessüm tozu var. GÜL desen, gülecektim oysa..



2.       SabihaSum
2 posts
 15 Mar 2015 Sun 02:06 am

There should be no ´´ dot´´ after ne kadar ,as the sentence  is not finished yet at all . Let me first translate the whole sentence then i will seperate them apart don´t worry =)  . It says :  ´´ No matter how my anger examines the limits of betrayal , there is the dust of smiling in the poor . I would laugh if you only said , smile though .´´     


Sinirlerim , sinir means anger , we sometimes use it  the plural way even though it dont make a proper sense in English ;  -lar , -ler is the suffix of plurality in Turkish . 

Ne kadar means how much / how many  ==> We say ne kadar regardless  to countable or uncountable nouns It is all the same you won´t need to differentiate and choose , unlike in English .


İhanet : betrayal

Sınırlar --> limits 

Zülam ---> Well , I did not know this word as it is an ottomon word but thanks to you I overcomed this obscurity  ---> It meant poor people who hadnt have money in Ottomon times . It has no meaning in Turkish 

Halâ ---> Still

Tebessüm :  gently smile like you dont even show your teeth when doing this(noun)

Toz : Dust

To exist : var --->we use  this verb to say there is , there are 

3.       edsaz
9 posts
 15 Mar 2015 Sun 06:10 am


In the sentence, the word root is ZULA (not ZULAM).
ZULA means a secret store/place to hide or store something for later use.

Zülam is an ancient word- used in Ottoman Times.(by the way, the language used during Ottoman was also Turkish [ancient Turkish]). We can not say there is no meaning for the word- zülam now in Turkish. There are many... For ex: yoksul, parasiz, fakir, züğürt, and so on... 

Edited (3/15/2015) by edsaz

4.       Metatron
1 posts
 15 Mar 2015 Sun 11:12 am

First of all, this is one of the lamest sentences I have heard in a while. I think you are texting with a "depressed" teenager  {#emotions_dlg.lol_fast}


sinirlerim ne kadar. yoklasa da ihanetin sınırlarını, ZULAMDA halâ tebessüm tozu var. GÜL desen, gülecektim oysa..


"How much is my anger? Even if it comes near the limits of betrayal, I still have smiling dust in my stash. If you had said laugh, I would have laughed instead.."

Edited (3/15/2015) by Metatron

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