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1.       denizli
955 posts
 31 Mar 2015 Tue 01:46 am

If anyone gets the chance...

What does this mean:

Rize anlatilmaz, yaşanir.


For ´next summer´ can I say: sonraki yaz?


Is this correct:

I will tell Nafis what you told me.

Ne söylediğini Nafis´e söyleceğim.

2.       gugukkusu
126 posts
 31 Mar 2015 Tue 01:54 am

Anlatılmaz yaşanır= can´t be described, but only experienced.


Rize anlatılmaz yaşanır= Rize can´t be described but only experienced. (meaning you should live there to understand its beauty or whatever)


next summer= önümüzdeki yaz/gelecek yaz


I will tell Nafis what you told me= Bana söylediğini (dediğini) Nafis´e söyleyeceğim.

3.       denizli
955 posts
 31 Mar 2015 Tue 03:13 pm

Gugukkusu, thanks!


Sounds like sonraki yaz would be wrong or just unusual?


What is the difference between sonraki and gelecek?

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4.       JNQ
465 posts
 31 Mar 2015 Tue 04:31 pm

It seems to me that sonraki rather means something in the region of ´(the) later´.

Also I wonder if you could use gelen yaz instead of gelecek yaz, and what would be the difference?



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5.       mehmezelim
4 posts
 31 Mar 2015 Tue 08:53 pm

Actually we hardly say "gelen something", or never. "Gelecek yaz" is more natural and correct.

Also, if you want to say "next week", we can select either " hafta-y-a" or "gelecek hafta" or "önümüzdeki hafta". Frankly the difference seems vague to me but I tend to chose one over the other insome instances. Below are examples:

Hoca haftaya ödev verdi. (The professor has given a HW due the next week.)

Haftaya ödevi teslim edeceğiz. (We will submit the HW next week.)

Gelecek hafta yeni dönem başlıyor. (Next week the new term begins.)

Önümüzdeki yaz Almanya´ya gidiyorum. (Next summer I go to Germany.)

    Remember; the examples I listed above are very advanced (to me). Therefore, a       Turkish lerner can say either "gelecek hafta" or "haftaya" or "önümüzdeki hafta",         but never "gelen hafta".

And I agree with JNQ that sonraki inludes the meaning of later:

Ödevi şimdi mi vereceğiz?_Hayır sonraki hafta.

(Are we supposed to hand the HW in now?_ No, next week.[one week later])


I hope this helps

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6.       JNQ
465 posts
 02 Apr 2015 Thu 09:24 am


Quoting mehmezelim

Actually we hardly say "gelen something", or never. "Gelecek yaz" is more natural and correct.


Thanks M. But then how about last week, last year: geçen sene/hafta? I see that a lot and I automatically applied it to gelmek (I´m lazy). But is there a better way to say ´last week´? 


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