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Verbs that take accusative
1.       JNQ
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 01 Nov 2015 Sun 12:46 pm

Accusative -i -ü -u -覺


arzulamak -> to wish

beklemek -> to wait

belirtmek -> to make clear

bildirmek -> to inform

bölmek -> to divide

çalmak -> to steal

desteklemek -> to support

düünmek -> to think

emretmek -> to order

engellemek -> to obstruct

hakl覺 bulmak -> to find something right

hat覺rlamak -> to remember

istemek -> to want

kabul etmek -> to accept

kesmek -> to cut

kolaylast覺rmak -> to make it easy

merak etmek -> to worry

öütlemek -> to advice

onaylamak -> to consent

önemsemek -> to consider important

önermek -> to suggest

önlemek -> to confront

özlemek -> to miss someone

reddetmek -> to refuse, to decline

rica etmek -> to please

salamak -> to provide

sal覺k vermek -> to introduce, to propose

a覺rmak -> to be surprised

sevmek -> to love

söylemek -> to say

tasvip etmek -> to approve

tavsiye etmek -> to consult

teklif etmek -> to propose

tembih etmek -> to caution, to warn

ümit etmek -> to hope

umursamak -> to take care of

unutmak -> to forget

yasaklamak -> to prohibit

zorlat覺rmak -> to make something difficult


Source: http://learnturkish.pgeorgalas.gr/PtoseisSetEn.asp 


Edited (11/1/2015) by JNQ
Edited (11/1/2015) by JNQ

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