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Neyin kafas覺n覺 ya覺yorsun
1.       S.S.K. La
2 posts
 29 Dec 2018 Sat 06:55 am

Hello! So, 襤 want to ask this question. 襤 understand the meaning of the phrase, but what is the exact grammar behind it? 襤 can´t really make sense of the grammar. For example 襤 know ´neyim´ is what am 襤, but for 2nd person 襤 know it´s ´nesin´, so what is ´neyin´ then? Yani birisi edebilir mi? imdiden çok teekkür ederiz!

2.       denizli
948 posts
 06 Jan 2019 Sun 02:17 am

I think it´s possessive but an irregular spelling. 



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3.       scalpel - -
200 posts
 09 Jan 2019 Wed 11:55 pm


Quoting denizli

I think it´s possessive but an irregular spelling. 




I would suggest that it´s genitive case. (-覺n,-in,-un,-ün; -n覺n,-nin,-nun,-nün)

Only these two words, ne and su, do not follow the rule.

According to the rule they are expected to be formed as ne.nin and su.nun.

But, however, as if they end in a vowel, instead of -nin and -nun, they take -in and -un with the helping letter -y : ne.y.in, su.y.un

Here are some examples: "neyin kafas覺neyin nesi, neyin üstü, suyun dibi, suyun rengi"

It is the same with the possessive (3rd.per.sing.-覺,-i,-u,-ü;-s覺,-si,-su,-sü

su.y.u instead of su.su

but both ne.y.i and ne.si are possible:

neyi var? <=> nesi var?  


Edited (Jan 09) by scalpel - -

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