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English-Turkish Glossary
1.       qdemir
790 posts
 19 Feb 2019 Tue 12:11 am

A friend of a friend of mine goes to a hardware store to buy a screw plug while studying at university in Austria. But he doesn’t know the equivalent of screw plug in German, and he tries to describe it by acting. ‘Aha! You want a ‘dübel.’ says the hardware guy. Guess what? The equivalent of German word ‘dübel’ is also ‘dübel’ in Turkish. My friend´s friend is {#emotions_dlg.confused}.

There are lots of words that can be found in both English and in Turkish. You can download a glossary of those words at https://tr.scribd.com/document/387661903/Turkish-language-English-Turkish-cognates. If you don’t have such an acting talent {#emotions_dlg.yes}, you had better learn those words.

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Edited (Feb 19) by qdemir
Edited (Feb 19) by qdemir

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