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1.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 09 Oct 2005 Sun 05:28 am

what could be soul?
have u ever lost soul or how can be lost soul?
what do u know about it?

2.       hande84
18 posts
 09 Oct 2005 Sun 09:14 am

Matthew 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

We are a 3-part being: body, soul and spirit. Our soul will live forever,for all eternity, never ending.
When it speaks of 'losing your soul' it refers to spending eternity in hell.We all will spend eternity either in heaven or hell, and I don't think anyone would choose the latter.

3.       erdinc
2151 posts
 10 Oct 2005 Mon 03:28 am

Yes I believe it is possible for anybody to lose his soul. I think soul is the thing which makes us always the person we are and not somebody else.
With time your body will change; the way you act and speak might change; the environment and people around you might change as well but even for the person who changes the most something will remain the same.
Sometimes when I see somebody after many years it affects me a lot. Especially if the person is somebody I knew very well in the past it affects me more. Most likely it can be an ex-lover and I dont know why but I have a huge passion to see ex-lovers again after many years.
Anyway, usually I find out that the person has changed a lot. I try to catch a few details on her face, on the way she talks and on her hands she moves when talking and on her smile and details like that. Usually I find out that the person doesnt appear to me as cute as before. I try to act formally and desperately I try to catch a forgotton look in her eyes.
Time will change everything and it will change things without you even realising it. Some memories will be hidden, they have sunk too much to the deepness with time and ignorance. For most of these kind memories it depends on a chance to rise to the surface again. It could be a smell, a sound or any other factor to take you back to a certain time and feeling.
In her eyes sometimes I see a picture flashing for a moment and I feel like nothing has changed and I'm talking to the same person again after so many years. It is almost like inside there somewhere the girl I loved is talking to me. I cant resist thinking whether it is the clothes she wears on so thick or a different personality.
Then reality covers all the space again and like a soldier who has lost a battle I step back in a deep disappointment and probably finish the conversation with a few ordinary words in my lips and an artificial smile in my face. I feel like it's time for me for some strong melancholic music.
Not only others but you might have changed a lot with time as well. Sometimes it is possible to choose a path and go ahead so much that you will become a stranger to the things you left behind. Life, conditions and maybe your career might take you to a point where you will be like a long distance runner who keeps running but is not so conscious as before.
There will be too many variableness to consider at once and there is a race you need to run. You need to be tough and you need to be fast and time is passing away.
I like the night time, I like the silence to listen music and I belive it is one of the rare things which helps me to concentrate and think.
It scares the hell out of me when I think one day I could have changed so much that I wouldnt be able to feel the same way on music and memories. I belive it is possible and it is quite common and if such a change happens I only hope something will remind me to the past and to the way once I felt about a few things.

4.       catwoman
8933 posts
 10 Oct 2005 Mon 05:18 am

Very nice message Erdinc, thank you for sharing with us.

5.       slavica
814 posts
 10 Oct 2005 Mon 11:25 am

Great message, Erdinç, tebrikler

6.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 10 Oct 2005 Mon 12:25 pm

That was beautiful Erdinc, all I can do now is just to agree with the only difference being that I am reluctant to use the word "soul". Instead I'd say personality as SOUL had religious associations. Yes, it is something that makes us unique and something that lets us remain ourselves irrespective of physical changes, it's a collection of impalpable features that speak all about us.
Can SOUL change? Everything changes, and thus so does a SOUL. It is acceptable when it happens so on the way of natural evolution. All our experiences make us constantly re-organise the system of our values and the moral code. Sadly, many people reject their own selves and "lose their SOUL" because of conformism or external factors that they don't want to/dont have enought strength to oppose.

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