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In Love with Turkish Men?
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1.       christine_usa
284 posts
 21 Aug 2006 Mon 02:32 am


Can anyone offer advice as to why SO many western women seem to fall inlove with Turkish men? I read this site regularly now, and most translation posts are from women desperate to communicate with a Turkish man. (please - don't hear me as judgemental- I'm in the same boat)

BUT WHY? I truly am seeking insight.

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2.       iluvhim
235 posts
 21 Aug 2006 Mon 02:40 am

I honestly dont know, i would like to know too. But i think because turkish men treat women so nice when they meet them, and with western men they are what the women are used to seeing, they feel they are being treated the same by each and every man until they meet a turkish man. He makes her feel special and the only one!
With western men they are(not all, im not trying to be judgemental) but they dont seem to bothered about relationships after a while and football, golf, rugby, hockey, cars etc become more important.(of course not all men but you know quite a few!) I think this is partially why but i know there are a lot more reasons and i will be looking forward to hearing them!

3.       smile:)
429 posts
 21 Aug 2006 Mon 02:59 am

yeh i agree, it's the way in which they have been brought up to treat and respect women. It is different to more western/ised cultures. It could also just be that feeling of being on holiday and being happy all the time that we feel like we are in love ...........but i have to say, for me, i am just attracted to foreign men (im from england), their accent and the way they treat you.........also the reason why i love turkish men is because i love turkiye and the language! and probably vice versa........plus i love working there

4.       hatice_72
2 posts
 21 Aug 2006 Mon 03:01 am

I cannot tell you as to why it seems western woman fall in love with Turkish men, I can however tell you why I fell in love with my Turkish husband. I believe that one of the reasons is he is painfully honest, very open and loving, has very strong family values (very hard to find in american men) is very affectionate and treats me like a woman, not like a possesion, a thing or an object like my x american boyfriends have in the past..He is very patient, kind and loving.. not to just me, but to his friends as well as to his family. Turkish men( in gerneral) are very faithful to their wives. I am sure that all the woman who read this and are in a relationship with a Turkish man can relate to all what I am saying here. My husband speaks english very well..so we do not have any communication problems.. But even if he didn't.. and we had trouble communicating, I'm possitive I would still be in love with him just as much. Becouse actions speak louder then words. And he treats me with respect and love always. I thank Allah every day that we met!

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5.       carla
320 posts
 21 Aug 2006 Mon 03:02 am

I agree with everyone, also maybe it's because when we are young, we hear about fairytales and true love, and it seems that Turkish men seem to portray that fairytale aspect, making his love feel like a princess. The whole Turkish culture is magnificent, and when I've seen the translations to some of the Turkish song lyrics, I've been captivated by how deep they are. I don't judge anyone by their nationality at all, so I can't speak about people overall, only individuals. But it seems that they let their words pour from their hearts, and this is truly captivating. Whereas a lot of Western men I know seem to hide their feelings (but not all Western men I must add). And I also agree with the pont mentioned, about family values. This is so wonderful.

6.       lovebug
280 posts
 21 Aug 2006 Mon 06:42 am

I also am amazed at how deeply I have fallen for my Turkish boyfriend. It is definitely an indescribable connection that we have between us, and wow, what a great feeling. I too have always been attracted to foreign men, but was really not looking for a boyfriend when we met. He however is still learning English (but he is really picking it up fast) So even though we have alot to overcome in the communication department, I feel we are making progress and hope to spend the rest of my life with him. I wish everyone that has a relationship like this happiness and a long life together.

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7.       Dilara
1153 posts
 21 Aug 2006 Mon 07:20 am

I am from a latin country so for me turkish men and latin men are very similar in many aspects except one: I'd say turkish men are more family oriented and have bigger family values . That's something I find wonderful but when they love , they seem to love in such a deep way that it could scare a woman off! I have never fallen in love with a turkish man actually (one fell for me in the past but I couldn't cope with his jealousy) and I'm not looking for it either but I do have a couple of turkish friends that I like and they treat their mothers/ girlfriends/ sisters/ friends with the same level of love...this is amazing!! .
Besides , they are friendly , hospitable some women find them "exotic" they are not exotic for me but they do have " magnetism." can we deny it?

Just listen to the turkish love songs and get the clear idea of what love is and means to them , they are the deepest songs I've ever heard ... all of this together with a manly accent and appearance can make the difference...

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8.       Myra
92 posts
 21 Aug 2006 Mon 08:24 am

I agree with all the wonderfull things said about Turkish men/lovers. They are different than the western men.
When u find a Turkish lover - you find life a romantic lover and fire !!!

9.       Enigma
4 posts
 21 Aug 2006 Mon 01:16 pm

Most of relations start being on holiday … and it’s quite easy to understand why… going to visit a new country gives some kind of emotional raise …and then… sea, sun, sand, nice music, ardent eyes… and here u r… u think that it’s him…the man from ur dream As for Turkish men… they are waiting for tourist season cause they are longing for passionate nights with sweet girls willing to love and to be loved… It’s well known that they can’t treat Turkish girls the same way they treat western girls…

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10.       MrX67
2540 posts
 21 Aug 2006 Mon 02:04 pm

love doesn't see,colour,race or nationality.its easier to feel it when u find ur soul mate.and by more communication with other cultures,love's definition become different,and i believe that internet cahnging everythings on world,with good&bad sides,thats really a wonderfull bridge between different colours,races,beliefs and cultures...

(108 Messages in 11 pages - View all)
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