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In Love with Turkish Men?
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100.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 01 Aug 2011 Mon 05:44 am

I did not marry my Turkish husband because he seduced me.  Nor did I seduce him.  Quite the contrary.  We knew each other for many years, respected each other and were best friends.  I couldn´t imagine sharing my life with another. He is my family and my love for him can not be measured in a poem, love song or any other romantic gesture.  It is in the way he knows I am tired and cooks dinner for our family.  It is in the way he knows I am sad and reaches out to me without a word.  I could go on and on but true love is not about seduction it is about loyalty, friendship and trust.  These are the things that transcend culture, religion and seduction.  A man can say a thousand pretty words but if he is not a true companion then his is ONLY pretty words and not much more.  This is true of any man...not just Turkish ones.   

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101.       clarividencia
20 posts
 01 Aug 2011 Mon 07:20 am

Merhaba Elisabeth, Thank you very much for your reply.


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102.       Alken
1 posts
 13 Aug 2011 Sat 11:45 pm

I am a British-educated Turkish man currently living and working in London so i know pre much well the main differences between  western people and  turkish people so i reckon  turkish man are generally very different than western man.

103.       leanne123456
1 posts
 27 Sep 2011 Tue 09:28 pm

They don´t all like chuncky woman,, i mean im not fat at all... and i am happly engaged to a turkish man... I go up there 4 times a year and he comes here 5 times a year. He gets on with my family really well.. So when people say Turkish men can have three wives is that true?

104.       si++
3785 posts
 30 Sep 2011 Fri 11:18 am


Quoting leanne123456

They don´t all like chuncky woman,, i mean im not fat at all... and i am happly engaged to a turkish man... I go up there 4 times a year and he comes here 5 times a year. He gets on with my family really well.. So when people say Turkish men can have three wives is that true?


Sort of. The 1926 civil code made by the Parliament under the presidency of Atatürk outlawed polygamy and repudiation, which are provided for in Islamic law of some Muslim countries, albeit under strict regulations.


Like other reformist legislation, the new civil code initially had only limited effect in the countryside. Polygamous marriages did not cease immediately, and in some cases the marriage to one wife was officially registered and the children of the other wife or wives, married in religious ceremonies, were then registered as her offspring. More important and longer-lived was the continued practice of "illegal" religious marriages (called imam marriages), which continued to produce "illegitimate" offspring. This has necessitated promulgation of six special laws since 1926, affecting a total of 2.9 million children rendered officially illegitimate by their parents´ manner of contracting marriage.

105.       lil-sas
1 posts
 12 Feb 2012 Sun 08:39 am

I think there are different types of men in every culture.  I had a fiancee (former) who was turkish allevi. He disliked my independence, my committment to work, my lack of wifeliness in "domestic womanly duties. " He felt that he should be the bread winner and I should follow him to the european country he grew up in as his finding a job of his choice was more important than my job because he was a man.  Whether he was sexist because he was allevi, sexist because he was turkish, or sexist just because he was sexist, I am unsure.  But one thing which breads sexism is close-mindedness in any culture and extreme forms of religions (allevi) upbringing can foster a limited view of the world.  His other issues I think were his own personal issues independent of culture, possessive, jealous, suspicious.  I felt like a prisoner with him.  He was a faithful man and did show love by traveling 6 hours to see me every month in the states but each time he came he would criticize how I dont show him love.  I kept trying to show him my love, and it was never enough for him.   After a while I realized that this man was trying to change me into something i wasnt; he didnt love me for who i was.  Once he said to me why dont you just submit to me.  I decided rather to submit to my own will and admit defeat that this was not the man for me. 

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106.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 16 Feb 2012 Thu 12:13 pm

Ofcourse every Turkish man is different. But it is true that the percentage of women working outside of their home is low, especially compared to neighboring countries in the West (not that much compared to the East). Perhaps this is a sign of an overall shared vision by both Turkish men AND women that women should stay at home and not work. But ofcourse, this is a general number and does not represent everybody in the country. In any case, I can say that Turkish men are very jealous compared to Dutch men But perhaps not compared to, for example, Iranian men. I did hear the comment "I trust my wife, I just don´t trust the men walking outside" many times for Turkish men to keep their wives inside their houses. Perhaps some informative classes in school are needed for boys, about how you should not hit on every woman you see?

107.       elena1987
46 posts
 14 Sep 2013 Sat 03:14 pm

Turkish men are wonderful nice and have best personalty´s. Not likether country guy´s. but unfortunately my relationship went all wrong, i was 7 years with him,waiting for him to graduate, we visited each other and even married in Muslim law,but not officially. we had a child and when he came visited again in my country said we must make another child,as soon he finishes work in a certian city, he would get a better place to live i join him.After his visit i got a sms he wants leave our relationship,now i have a son and a baby on the way. I could never imagine  in my life he would turn out like that after 7 years. I don´t know what my rights i have between my   country and  Turkey for breaking also our engagement  of 1 year. I don’t know who  I must  talk to about this matter. I like someone in Turkey to give me advise because he is a Turk what rights i have beauce he is a turk. Those lady´s who find the perfect Turk guy are real lucky..

108.       kazpol
99 posts
 15 Sep 2013 Sun 04:23 am

Ah! The same words and stories! Turkish men are wonderful and sweet... and etc.

I dont know Turkish men {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}  but, I am wonderful, I am sweet and I am not Turkish. {#emotions_dlg.shy} There you go!

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(108 Messages in 11 pages - View all)
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