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Turkish Poetry and Literature

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Can you share your poem with us?
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20.       niobe
0 posts
 15 Feb 2007 Thu 02:01 pm

Every four people of the three people are poets...
(Aziz Nesin, A Turkish Writer)

21.       aenigma x
0 posts
 15 Feb 2007 Thu 02:05 pm

Quoting niobe:

Every four people of the three people are poets...
(Aziz Nesin, A Turkish Writer)

That may well be true..but are they all good ones?

22.       vineyards
1954 posts
 15 Feb 2007 Thu 05:13 pm

23.       delimelek
31 posts
 17 Feb 2007 Sat 02:25 am

Another Day………………………………..Written by Delimelek

As yesterdays sorrows are fading a light of hope filters through,

Bringing with it a new dawn first kissed by a fresh morning dew.

Life seems a little brighter now, as the sunshine replaces the rain

Someone appears on the horizon of hope to help ease yesterday’s pain…

Silently you stand there watching as the river flows into the sea,

Knowing you are not ready yet to swim in the waters of uncertainty.

Slowly you start to walk away from the shore, not daring to take a risk

For fear of loosing your heart to soon by the touch of a sweet tender kiss…

Missed chances are questions unanswered of a memory not to be seen,

Regrets will follow with a silent cry of a love that may never have been.

So take my hand and trust me as we both live for the day that we see,

For yesterday’s sorrows are now shadows but today is tomorrows memory..

24.       delimelek
31 posts
 17 Feb 2007 Sat 02:34 am

On the Road ....written by delimelek

As you walk the path of life, many others may pass your way
Some will stop to tarry awhile where others choose not to stay.
In the distance you see a crossroads as two paths merge into one
The road is crumbling beneath your feet then suddenly it is gone.
From the shadows a hand reaches out saving you from the mire
Guiding you on a different route leading to your inner desire.

Familiarity has left the path as you venture into pastures new,
Walking along with another now on a discovery to the real you.
You do not fear this stranger for he is just a friend in disguise,
Helping you to unleash your soul through the windows of his eyes
Gently he pushes you onward as his arms shroud away your fears
The touch of his hand calms you as he softly kisses away your tears.

Confidently he inspires you to experience wonders not yet known
As his honesty renews the faith for a truth no other has shown.
The strength that he instils in you is the gift that only he can impart,
For he has chanced upon that special place deep in the core of your heart.
Sadly you watch as he chooses his path to a future you can never share
Knowing that he leaves you not, for in your heart he’ll walk with you there.

Love Hurts ......written by delimelek

Fires of confused emotion burn with zealous in my heart
As they fuel the flames of anxiety slowly tearing me apart
Insecurities rage as the inferno burns out of my control
Reality deluded by fantasy finding no solace in the soul

Senses inflamed with a passion for a love that I use to share
Standing now in the shadows of beauty knowing i dont compare .
Visions of you disappearing, only cloud the clarity of my mind
Eyes that once saw so clearly, tears of confusion now render blind.

Nothing left to reassure me that I have no reason to be this afraid
Where a love yearned to blossom not even a friendship can be saved
Determined, you uphold the promise of silence once spoken to the other
A barricade to strong to be broken by the desperate cries of this lover

Everything now lost I stand here waiting, as I offer my heart to the sea
Waves of unrequited emotion roar drowning my prayers in their reverie
I search the stars in the heavens for an angel to hear my call of distress
In silence you walk away from the shore leaving only a memory to caress.

If anyone can translate these into turkish i would be very happy...

25.       jools
162 posts
 23 Feb 2007 Fri 01:04 am

I sent this yesterday to my friend..our relationship has just broken up.
I wrote it in english and (with help) translated it


Birgün senin kalbini terkedeceðim,bunu biliyorum ancak o güne kadar umarim yüzünü gülümsetebilirim.

O gün geldiðinde umarim arkana bakarsin ve yüreðin hala sicaciktir ve ben tebessüm edebilecek kadar güçlü olabilirim.

Belki sonsuza dek kalbinin bir köşesinde kalabilirim, ama biliyorum ki bu imkansiz..

O günü düşÃ¼nmek incitse de,Tanriya şÃ¼krediyorum,seni bana küçücük bir an da olsa ödünç verdi.
Ben Fısıltı Sen Sevdim.
Güle Güle bebeğim


One day I will leave from your heart - I know this, but until that day, I hope I will make you smile.

I hope that when that time comes, you will look back at these times and feel warm inside, and I hope I can be strong enough to smile.

If times were different maybe I would have been in your heart forever, but I know this can not be.

It hurts to think of that day, but right now I thank God he lent you to me for a little time.
I whisper I loved you.
Goodbye babes

26.       gavi
0 posts
 23 Feb 2007 Fri 02:06 am

27.       vineyards
1954 posts
 26 Feb 2007 Mon 11:34 am

28.       vineyards
1954 posts
 26 Feb 2007 Mon 11:42 am

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