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Sticky   Useful İnternal Links for Learners 9 CANLI May 22
by BertieKerter1
Sticky   Useful Links For Turkish Learners (... >>) 63 erdinc 7/27/2016
by matdamon
Sticky   Turkish Dictionary software (... >>) 142 admin 5/26/2016
by toto071
Sticky   Some Turkish spelling rules - Especially for Turkish speaking natives (... >>) 15 dilliduduk 6/20/2014
by Hindistan
can someone rank these affection words? 2 mint_tea May 02
by turþu
O herkesin hoşuna giderdi grammer 2 Hishamabs May 02
by Hishamabs
yalın durum 1 Gihad83 Apr 28
by harp00n
bu ne demek? 3 Siavash2015 Apr 28
by Gihad83
çay verir misiniz?\" 9 Siavash2015 Apr 25
by turþu
çok olur ne demek 1 Hishamabs Apr 25
by turþu
Ankaraya donuyorsun? 11 Siavash2015 Apr 24
by scalpel - -
TÜRKÇE 0 og2009 Apr 23
by og2009
gidilir 2 Siavash2015 Apr 18
by JNQ
benim icin 5 john250 Apr 18
by scalpel - -
gidilir 2 Siavash2015 Apr 14
by Siavash2015
TLC OLD CRONIES 6 og2009 Apr 28
by og2009
Taksim lokantasında/Taksim lokantada? 3 Siavash2015 Apr 12
by atlantis32
gelene kadar / gelinceye kadar... 9 Turkish2412 Apr 12
by atlantis32
Büyük 1 Siavash2015 Apr 11
by JNQ
(4683 Titles in 313 pages - View all)
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How can I improve my Turkish essay writing...
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Leo S: "Good thoughts, good spoken words, good will and good conduct is ...
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harp00n: Rica ederim.
E2T short
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Mektense/Dikçe how do i use it?
yanis76: I recently had a lesson on these so i´ll add a few more from wha...
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Co-operative passive mood
Milena215: Thanks!
E to T: Your better off relocating and liv...
Leo S: ellerine sağlık turpu
T to E
turþu: De Here gives the meaning of "even though". Because it is a po...
\"Yapsaydı\" versus \"Yaptıysa\"
Leo S: Quoting denizli ... question. I ... think of anot...
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Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner
Her Şey Sende Gizli
(Everything Depends on You)

Poem by Can Yücel
Aslan ile Fare

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Story by erdinc
the patterns of -dik -1

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: intermediate

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner
Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-7.10

Turkish lesson by admin
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-ebilmek, -ememek - 1

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: intermediate