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Turkish Class Forums / Language
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Sticky   Useful İnternal Links for Learners 8 CANLI 7/27/2016
by samo23
Sticky   Useful Links For Turkish Learners (... >>) 63 erdinc 7/27/2016
by matdamon
Sticky   Turkish Dictionary software (... >>) 142 admin 5/26/2016
by toto071
Sticky   Some Turkish spelling rules - Especially for Turkish speaking natives (... >>) 15 dilliduduk 6/20/2014
by Hindistan
Football help please - how to say \"Forza Turkey\" 3 PeterE 6/18/2016
by PeterE
I will read the book (that) I know (that) it won´t be difficult-Nasil denir ? 3 Moamen 6/12/2016
by Moamen
Help with a word ... 1 trip 5/31/2016
by Henry
Shall-Shan´t 1 Juafin 5/24/2016
by trip
-miş 5 am_1010 5/23/2016
by espressobae
My dear, Canim 11 claireheffron 5/22/2016
by PeterE
Var ya 5 KediNero 5/17/2016
by mithrandir
Difference between -ken and -ce? 2 Elif-Erguclu 5/17/2016
by Elif-Erguclu
Email 2 cim 5/15/2016
by cim
´gelmirem´? 2 latjee 5/9/2016
by kertmeyenkele
by Leo S
turkish to english - little bit of damar 3 ahsim 5/9/2016
by Leo S
trk to eng 4 nazarnazar 5/8/2016
by kiracci
Öyleyse, Neyse, Yoksa, Oysa, İse 2 am_1010 5/6/2016
by kiracci
Ad tamlaması problem 2 pekka 5/6/2016
by kiracci
(4644 Titles in 310 pages - View all)
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sezen aksu Bir acı kahvenin
leilaaa: Iyi aksamlar herkese , Is it possible to translate this song G&uum...
harp00n: ...
Bir -i (Indefinite accusative problem wit...
aurum: Hello. I am wondering if anyone could explain to me why some verbs req...
Turkish to English translation 9
gokuyum: I really appreciate your enthuaism about trying to understand eve...
translating these sentences
gokuyum: As translated above : Be jealous of me, dude. Ulan is a slang ...
Extremely confused!!
gokuyum: My advice to learners is: ... focus on grammar, focus on ... If you do...
Translation practice - Short story (E-T)
aurum: Thank you very much!
Turkish to English translation 8
aruwin: Thank you so much, aurum! I really really appreciate this.
İçerde - otopark mafyası
denizli: I´m watching the show ... Anyone else watching it? I read this ...
help translate this into turkish
aurum: You are most welcome! You should definitely be more confident ...
Correction needed please
Tazx1: Tunci hoca thank you very much .... actually I was trying my hand at f...
aurum: ... very welcome!
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