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Poems by Hakan Savlı
(1 Poems)
# Poem Title
Date Posted
1 I Love You Hakan Savlı 31129 05 Dec 2006 Tue
by SuiGeneris
(1 Poems)

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T to E + attempt
denizli: Is this ... to English OK? T: sen ... nesin ki bu kadar dini ... ....
Turkish to English translation
JNQ: Yes well, you ... write when you have exams???? But okay this is about...
JNQ: O haha matdamon said the same
correct my writing please
JNQ: It´s so sweet! Last mini detail: ...
How can you tell if you are Turkish ?
foka: well said
translating these sentences
SuzieCarol: Jansay that was an amazing answer!!!
Someone to translate pls?
gokuyum: Words tell everything but they dont make you live ... How can ...
love sentences in Turkish
rumeysa: "Take my hand Promise me that everything will be fine" "Elimi tut H...
Merhaba Almanyadan :))))
Jansay: Merhaba, Karo. Hoş geldin! ^^ Of course we´d love to he...
Trying to translate
Jansay: The bit before "Diye" is the cause and the rest is the ... And ... rig...
Jansay: "Hal" means "state". Example: Beni bu halde ... ... leave me in th...
A few more questions
denizli: Ah, the possessive is built into ... Looks like Kedi Nero already had ...
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