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Poems by Hakan Savl11111
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og2009: ... VE UYGULAMA Herhangi bir firma, kurum ve kuruluun ... ......
JNQ: Adaml覺k = ... humanity ...
og2009: EYH EDEBAL襤: ... ile dost olma 襤lim bilmez, 襤rf...
Baka, Dier, 繹teki, 繹b羹r differences
nos-ser: Thank you very much
olmas覺 and olmas覺n
boldbni: Quoting gokuyum There is "olmas覺" in Turkish. Literally it ...
can someone please translate this letter -...
harp00n: You are welcome.
Come on (haydi)
Juafin: You say someone; + Haydi(or Hadi/ I use this), ... go. - No,...
Turkish to English
peyote: could it be fortune teller?
Help please
PeterE: Thank you /p
Please can someone translate the following...
denizli: This should be close: Ben de, bebeim. Ama yak覺nda beraber olaca...
masi suffix
denizli: I ... know this well. But it is 2 suffixes: + ma + s覺 gitmesi - ....
Difference between 覺karmak and 覺kart...
mira 25: ... - to take ... - cause to take out
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Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner
Negative Form of TO BE - Negative Sentence with "de簸il" Postposition.

Turkish lesson by turkishcobra
Level: beginner