Turkish Class Rules

All members of www.TurkishClass.com (TC) are advised to read and follow the rules below. Appropriate action will be taken when the rules are not complied with.

Writing in the Forum

1. Multiple registrations are prohibited and are grounds for immediate account deletion.

2. Vulgar, obscene or sexual screen names are not allowed.

3. The official language of all forums is English with the following exceptions and details: 3.1. The language 'Teaching Turkish' forum is Turkish only.
3.2. 'Language' and 'Turkish Translation' forums can have Turkish texts according the nature of these boards.
3.3. In all forums in your messages you should include short and easily understandable Turkish words like "merhaba", "hoş�akal", "teşekk�rler", "�ok iyi" etc. and some simple sentences like "�ok g�zel olmuş.", "Tebrik ederim,", etc. .
3.4. For practising and helping practising you may use Turkish in all forums as long as it is for educational purposes.
3.5. When using Turkish, please try to type in Turkish characters if you can. Our double click dictionary doesn't work if a Turkish or English word isn't written properly.
3.6. Since many TC members are not native English speakers we don't expect a perfect use of English Language but please check your messages for spelling mistakes before sending.

4. When starting a new thread in the forums, make sure to use an informative title. Meaningless and exaggerated titles should be avoided and may be deleted.

5. Forum messages should have meaningful content. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) nonsense posts, or such like

6. Consecutive messages and cross-posting across different forums, or starting two identical threads should be avoided. Do not open a new thread on multiple forums. Find a suitable forum and post it there only.

7. You may not type in all or mostly in capital letters since it's not only hard to read but also considered to be shouting and can be rude.

8. Do not post vulgar, hateful, threatening, derogatory, racist, sexist or obscene comments on this site. Any such content will be deleted. The user account of the author of such messages may also be deleted if it repeats.

9. Personal attacks or insults towards other users will not be tolerated. Posts with negative remarks about another person�s character that result in or are a cause of conflict or resentment are also subject to deletion by moderators or admins. If someone posts an insulting comment towards you, do not reply to it, it will only start a flame-war, instead send a private message to one of the forum moderators and they will take care of it. Avoid personal correspondence in the forum, use private messages for that purpose.

Admins and moderators have the right to delete posts if these posts contain abusive, vulgar, insulting language, are particularly offensive or if posts contain personal attacks (or negative statements about another person�s character if it results in a conflict between members).

Admins and moderators can lock threads, if the situation requires that, and must give an explanation for doing so. Thread deletion is reserved only for very extreme circumstances.

10. Discussion on politics or religion and religious matters is allowed as long as the topic does not get personal or agressive. If a moderator or administrator thinks that a message or a title may have legal implications in Turkey or in the US, that message or title will be deleted.

11. If you don't agree with a moderator send a Private Message to the moderator or to one of the administrators instead of posting in the forum.

12. Any message with more than a few sentences copied from another source must give the source with the copied text. Excessive copying from other sources must be avoided. Instead of pasting a whole article please post a link to the article and your thoughts about it in a few sentences.

13. Posts supporting/sympathising with PKK or any other terrorist organization are forbidden. Such posts and their owners may be deleted from the site.

14. Since PKK is a very sensitive topic, discussion of PKK in the forums is limited only to (i) reporting news about a terrorist attack or (ii) reporting a government decision related to PKK. Even these, and related comments may be removed by an administrator or moderator based on personal judgement.

15. Adding links to forum messages that are not relevant to the message is not allowed. Links added to your posts must be used in explaining the point you are making in the post.

Uploading Pictures and Essays

1. Uploaded pictures of Turkey can be deleted any time, and subject to the decision of the reviewing administrator. Pictures that are too small, of poor quality or considered of little interest or relevance will probably be deleted.

2. Uploaded pictures of Turkey must be descriptive, showing an aspect of a place in Turkey or a face of Turkish culture.

3. Pictures of Turkey uploaded by a user must belong to the user or the source of the picture must be appropriately referenced. If the uploading user does not own the uploaded picture, he/she must get permission from the owner of the picture before uploading.

4. Uploaded essays have to be the unique work of the user. Works copied from other web sites or other media are not allowed.

5. An essay uploaded by a user can be rejected if it doesn't meet the basic quality criteria of the reviewing administrator

6. Uploaded personal pictures can not have sexually explicit content, or they will be deleted. This can also result in deletion of the user account of the uploader.

7. All the uploaded content (pictures, articles, forum postings) belongs to the user who uploaded it. The uploader has the rights and responsibilities of this content. Uploader, by uploading content, gives TC only the permission to display the uploaded content in TC web pages and frames.

Using TC chat

1. Rules of courtesy and mutual respect must be followed in the chat conversations. Using vulgar language or harrassing other users are forbidden.

Private messages

1. If you receive any unwanted private messages, mark them as 'spam' and/or add the sender to your 'ignore list', if you receive stalking or threatening private messages contact one of the admins, and the offending person may be deleted from the site.

2. Private messages cannot be used for offering to teach Turkish to other users; users who do this may have their accounts cancelled. If you are interested in teaching Turkish please use our forums or add Turkish lessons.

3. Sending private messages to multiple users that did not contact you will raise a red flag in our system and may end in account deletion.

4. Private messages cannot be used for finding friends or finding people to practice language. Please use our forums for this. Using private messages for this purpose may end in account deletion.

Other TC Rules

1. TC Administration will delete a user acount if the user has repeatedly violated forum rules and was warned that another violation will result in account deletion. Should that user return using another nickname, and is not significantly contributing to the site, their account will be deleted after one violation upon return; if the same user gets deleted again and returns, their account will be deleted automatically at any future attempt to return.

Any previously deleted return user who contributes significantly to the site but may also be occasionally involved in arguments involving violation of forum rules will not have their account automatically deleted upon return as long as they continue to contribute meaningfully to the site. However, if any violation of forum rules exceeds an acceptable limit they too will be warned and subsequently deleted if this continues.

In some extreme circumstances, the site Administration can delete a user account without a warning.

2. TC is not a dating site. Using TC for such purposes is not allowed and such action will result in account deletion.

3. Views of moderators and administrators do not represent the views of the site. TurkishClass.com website is not responsible for the opinions of its users.