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Kurban Bayrami


Kurban Bayrami Traditions

In this section, we will go through the customs performed specifically on Kurban Bayramý. The most obvious one, and the one that distinguishes Kurban Bayramý from Ramazan Bayramý is the offering of the sacrifice.

Sacrificing a Farm Animal

As we said, every adult Muslim that is wealthy enough has to offer a sacrifice to God on this bayram. One individual can sacrifice a sheep or goat that is older than one year old. However, larger animals like cows or camels can be shared between up to seven people and they must be older than two years old. Very sick, defected or pregnant animals are not accepted for sacrifice.

What is the Reasoning?

The meat from the sacrificed animal is consumed during the four day festival and later on. When one sacrifices an animal, one third of the meat is kept for the household, one third is consumed with friends and relatives, and the remaining one third are distributed to poor people who can´t afford a sacrifice at this time. Therefore, bayrams are times for remembering the obligations to God, getting together with with family members and friends, and sharing.

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General Bayram Customs

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