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What made me LOL today-yesterday-even tomorrow
1.       kazpol
99 posts
 19 Sep 2018 Wed 01:55 am

Skripal´s case or the adventures of Novichok

The British intelligence (it´s a kinda insult to the definition of this word) has been very busy at making up stories about Smersh agents (it goes like Russian spies contra Russian spies). Looks like Russians found a playground in Salisbury. First Skripals get poisoned with no clear indications how and where. The police has been removing benches on the street or closing the restaurant, removing or locking other objects in panic.

So, they also came up with a new story of two Russian men visiting glorious Salisbury with Novichok super nerve agent in a small spray bottle in their bags (God only knows how they managed to pass with that through security), they managed to visit the Cathedral heading straight back to London not being able to see the Stonehedge due to "heavy" snow falls in England. I mean Russians are tough guys, immune to anything, esp to deadly poisons. I just don´t know how they managed to spray door knobs without being exposed to it themselves. There must be ways.

Honestly, very laughable. It wouldn´t surprise me if the whole case is an inside job.

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2.       kazpol
99 posts
 19 Sep 2018 Wed 02:01 am

Another story worth lol-ing is the story of 35 years old sexual harrassment from high school. The whole thing is a big joke. Well, we live in the era of morons. Ford vs Kavanagh. 

3.       kazpol
99 posts
 19 Sep 2018 Wed 06:02 am

Epic SJW compilation. Get to know the offspring of Hippy generation. Apples don´t fall far from the apple tree. Massive spirit and mind poisoning.


4.       kazpol
99 posts
 21 Sep 2018 Fri 05:52 am

LOved it

"Shit is getting so crazy out here that Caitlyn Jenner is now claiming Bruce Jenner touched her 20 years ago!"

5.       kazpol
99 posts
 23 Sep 2018 Sun 02:10 am

A poem of the month:

I will not testify in a car.
I will not testify near or far.
I will not testify in a train.
I will not fly in a plane.
I will not testify, here or there.
I will not testify anywhere.
There´s nothing more for me to say.
I can´t remember, anyway.
Christine Ford the Bitch

6.       kazpol
99 posts
 17 Oct 2018 Wed 07:04 am

Lisa Warren is as native Indian as to me being Cleopatra.


Stormy Damiel has been reduced to a Quiet Fart.



7.       kazpol
99 posts
 17 Oct 2018 Wed 07:06 am

Dr Fraud has been very quiet. Did she join the train of used Fords? And nobody wants to by her?


8.       kazpol
99 posts
 17 Oct 2018 Wed 07:20 am

Bilogical male who identifies as a female wins the cycling contest again women.

Isn´t it a big progress, people?

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