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1.       Blue Wizard
8 posts
 01 Mar 2019 Fri 06:18 pm

bazen beni görmezden geliyorsun,ama sonra ac覺s覺n覺 "ç覺kar覺rcas覺na",mutlulua bouyorsun.

can someone translate and break this word down please?


2.       scalpel - -
200 posts
 10 Mar 2019 Sun 08:51 pm


Quoting Blue Wizard

1-(bazen beni görmezden geliyorsun),ama sonra ac覺s覺n覺 "ç覺kar覺rcas覺na",2-(mutlulua bouyorsun.)

can someone translate and break this word down please?



we use this idiom, ac覺s覺n覺 ç覺kartmak (pain + take out), when we try to take a pain (emotional suffering or mental distress given by someone or caused by something, sitting in heart) out and let go away. 

how can we do it? perhaps, taking revenge for... or indemnifying ourselves for a loss...

but, in this sentence, who takes the pain out, is not the one who is suffering himself, but the guilty one who herself (?) already made the other (him) suffer (by feigning, now and then, not to see him)   =>1-(bazen beni görmezden geliyorsun)

(I have a word to say, at this point, that it should be ç覺karT覺rcas覺na (causative) instead of ç覺kar覺rcas覺na)

how can she (?) does that? perhaps, (in order to make him forgive her, perhaps) rewarding him with so much happiness as to be chocked... =>2-(mutlulua bouyorsun)

as for ç覺kar覺rcas覺na, just add as if to its meaning, and that´s all.





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