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Sticky   Locked   Forum Rules. 3 CANLI 3/13/2009
by catwoman
Sticky   Locked   The Most Popular Threads. 6 CANLI 9/13/2008
by Trudy
What Our \ 3 eurovis 9:07 pm
by eurovis
Get Real Authentic And High-quality fake passports, driver’s licenses, ID cards for sale 0 bstonner Oct 31
by bstonner
What are you listening now? (... >>) 7212 SuiGeneris Oct 29
by tomac
Just to say Hi :) 0 SonjaAll Oct 29
by SonjaAll
Missing persons at tc... (... >>) 769 Aslan Oct 25
by alameda
Discriminating against Kurdish people? 0 eurovis Oct 16
by eurovis
orange! 0 ikicihan Oct 13
by ikicihan
what caught my eye today (... >>) 5194 thehandsom Sep 30
by elenagabriela
by teaschip
Turkish Kurdish Relationships 5 lindsay_ Sep 09
by thehandsom
The Uighurs: External exile 1 ikicihan Jul 30
by alameda
Any Greek here? 2 si++ Jul 13
by si++
We have survived another winter (... >>) 31 si++ Jun 06
by elenagabriela
Why is Turkish so difficult!! 8 Etty Jun 05
by WGroleau
Any advice on how to tutor a turkish kid in english? 1 raydin Jun 05
by WGroleau
(4148 Titles in 277 pages - View all)
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A few questions
KediNero: yes, bana söyle is not correct in this situation. i woul...
Konuk vs. misafir
vineyards: Calls to mind: ... nasıl ürkek Ne kadar uzakta sesin Sen ...
Grammar notes
tunci: * sin diye ---> so that ... He is going to bed early s...
Another homework check please
said32: b. Ali parkta ne yapmak istiyor? Ali parkta ... basketbol oynamak isti...
91. Yılımız Kutlu Olsun
harp00n: ...
Turkish home Tutor in Izmir
Marina GlobalLT: Global LT is looking for a Turkish home Tutor in Gaziemir, Izmir. G...
29 Ekim
elenagabriela: Cumhuriyet ... Kutlu Olsun
Yani and Falan
Magid: yani = Means, also means "So!" Nasıl yani = How so (Arabic Origin...
Homework check please
Penguin: All helpful, thank you.
-mAlI vs gerek/lazim
Magid: mecbur will mean "I have no choice"
beni bosver
ikicihan: never mind of me. (dont worry for me)
Can someone tell me the meaning of this se...
aleksmaleks: Thank you, it was very helpful
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Major Vowel Harmony

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner
(I am Afraid)

Poem by Unknown
Noun states

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner
A beach-puppy A beach-puppy

Picture by hestia86
Must, Have to, Need to, Want to

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: intermediate
Imperatives - Let

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: intermediate

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