Possessive Constructions I



In Turkish, we create Possessive Construction with a very simple rule:


Tamlayan + Tamlanan


"Tamlayan" tells what "tamlanan" belongs to. For example, at sentence of "the door of car", the door belongs to car, so door is "tamlanan" and car is "tamlayan."


In Turkish, we do it at opposite side; "car´s door" explains this better. We add some suffixes nearby both Tamlanan and Tamlayan. Let´s see their suffixes.


Tamlayan Suffix:



Last Vowel of First Noun


a, ı


e, i


o, u


ö, ü




"Tamlayan" noun welcomes these suffixes. Vowel Harmony is going to help us at choosing which suffix we are going to use.


Let´s see suffixes of Tamlayan, Tamlayan welcomes 3rd Singular Person´s Relative Suffixes as shown at the table below:



R.Pronoun/Last Vowel - Suffix


If last vowel is  “a,ı”

If last vowel is “e,i”

If last vowel is  “o, u”

If last vowel is

“ö, ü”

his, her, its








How to say "the door of car?"


Let´s replace the nouns and turn it into "car´s door."


arabanın kapı(note: if at this structure, tamlayan ends with a vowel, put "n" for connection between TWO vowels.)


How to say "window of home?"


Window: Pencere, Home: Ev ...


Evin penceresi: Home´s window/Window of home.


Page: Sayfa  Notebook: Defter


Notebook´s Page >> Defterin Sayfa


Roof: Çatı  Ev: Home


Home´s Roof/ Roof of Home >> Evin Çatı


At unit "Possesive Constructions II" I am going to tell about plurals.



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