Adjective Clauses


Hello again. We have simply seen Adjective Clauses at Simple Adjectives Subtitle. Now, we are going to learn more detail.


We know about the simple formula of adjective clauses. This formula is:


Adjective + Noun


Beautiful home: Güzel ev.


Big City: Büyük şehir.


Tall tree: Uzun ağaç.


High hill: Yüksek tepe.


Deep sea: Derin deniz.


and etc.


As you see, adjective describes noun and like in English, we put adjective first then put our noun, which is going to be described. Now, let´s look at some conditions about adjectives:


1) If a noun is going to be described by two adjectives:


You may want to express two specifications of a noun. When that happens, we put adjectives before noun again and then put "ve/and" between the ADJECTIVES.


big and tall building: beyaz ve büyük bina.


black and expensive car: siyah ve pahalı araba.


big and beautiful country: büyük ve güzel ülke.


2) If a noun is going to be describes by at least three adjectives:


We put comma between nouns, but we put "ve/end" between last two adjectives.


big, tall, old and white building: büyük, uzun, eski ve beyaz bina.


These were fundemental and extra-information for adjectives. Now, let´s combine Adjective Clauses and Possessive Constructions:


We know how to say "the door of home" and "the door my home" or plural versions of that.


So how can we say "the black door of small home" ?


Very easy. Never forget the fact of "adjective before noun" rule.


the black door of my small home.


1) First, detect "tamlayan" and "tamlanan".


black door is "tamlayan" as you are going to appreciate:


black door: siyah kapı


2) Then detect "tamlanan", and it is "small home"


small home: küçük ev


3) the black door of small home:


"küçük evin siyah kapı"


Or, simply find the meaning of "door of home"


evin kapı> and then put adjectives of each noun behind them: 


küçük evin siyah kapısı.


An example: 


small window of big building


1) big building : büyük bina


2) small window: küçük pencere



büyük binanın küçük penceresi.



(n is connection word)




Mixed examples:



"small doors of my car"



benim arabamın küçük kapıları



"large and green garden of his small and old home"



onun küçük ve eski evinin geniş ve yeşil bahçesi



"new and high buildings of long and busy street"



uzun ve işlek caddenin yeni ve yüksek binaları



"lunch box of her orange and fat cat"



onun turuncu ve şişman kedisinin yemek kabı



"empty (unwritten) pages of old notebooks"



eski defterlerin boş sayfaları





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