Past Tense

Past Tense


I m
You n
He/she/it no personal ending
We k
You niz
They ler

di du
ti tu


If the ending of the verb ends in either p/ç/k/t/ş then you change the first letter of the tense to ´ so for example:

I went

verb - git

Because the last letter is a ´t´ you change the tense from ´di´ to ´ti´ so ´I went´ would be



Now let´s try some more examples:


I came - gel+di+m - geldim

You went - git+ti+n - gittin

He saw - gör+dü - gördü

We took - al+dı+k - aldık

You visited - ziyaret et+ti+niz - ziyaret ettiniz

They slept - uyu+du+lar - uyudular


Once you have gotten the hang of the past tense try making out some simple sentences


I came to my home

evime geldim


You went to the village

köydeki gittin


He saw his uncle

dayısı gördü


We took him home

onun evi aldık


You visit the village

köydeki ziyaret ettiniz


They slept all night

hep gece uyudular

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