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─░stasyonda - At the Station


Sevim han─▒m: Hadi yavrum, bin art─▒k trene. Vakit tamam.
B├╝lent: Daha be┼č dakika var, anneci─čim.
Sadun bey: Annen hakl─▒ o─člum. Hadi bin art─▒k.
B├╝lent: Peki baba. Allaha─▒smarlad─▒k anneci─čim. Ver elini ├Âpeyim.
Sevim han─▒m: G├╝le G├╝le o─člum. Mektup yaz.
B├╝lent: Allaha─▒smarlad─▒k G├Ânder.
G├Ânder: G├╝le G├╝le a─čabey.
B├╝lent: Derslerine iyi ├žal─▒┼č.
G├Ânder: Peki a─čabey.
Sevim han─▒m: G├╝le G├╝le o─člum.
Sevim hanım: Hadi hadi. Çabuk ol!
B├╝lent: Tamam anneci─čim, tamam, daha iki dakika var. Hemen biniyorum.
Sevim han─▒m: Pencereyi a├ž! Pencereyi a├ž! Valizler nerede?
B├╝lent: ─░┼čte burada anneci─čim.
Sevim han─▒m: Paketler nerede?
B├╝lent: Onlar da burada.
Sevim han─▒m: ─░yi. Paketlerde b├Ârek var, re├žel var. Sabahlar─▒ yersiniz.
Sadun bey: Valizlere dikkat et. Trende unutma.
B├╝lent: Olur baba, unutmam.
Sevim han─▒m: Kendine iyi bak! Mektup yaz!
B├╝lent: Allaha─▒smarlad─▒k!
Sevim han─▒m: G├╝le G├╝le!
Sadun bey: ─░yi yolculuklar o─člum!
B├╝lent: Hepiniz ho┼č├ža kal─▒n.


Mrs. Sevim: Come on dear, get on the train. Time is up.
B├╝lent: There are still five minutes, mum.
Mr. Sadun: Your mother is right, son. Come on, get on.
B├╝lent: Okey father. Take care mum. Let me kiss your hand.
Mrs. Sevim: See you son. Write to us.
B├╝lent: Take care G├Ânder.
G├Ânder: See you brother.
B├╝lent: Study hard.
G├Ânder: Okey brother.
Mrs. Sevim: See you son.
Mrs. Sevim: Come on. Be quick!
B├╝lent: Okey mum, okey, there are still two minutes. I am getting on right away.
Mrs. Sevim: Open the window! Open the window! Where are the luggages?
B├╝lent: Here they are mum.
Mrs. Sevim: Where are the packages?
B├╝lent: They are also here.
Mrs. Sevim: Good. There are pastries in the packages, and there is jam. You will eat in the mornings.
Mr. Sadun: Be careful with the luggages. Don't forget them on the train.
B├╝lent: Okey father, I won't forget.
Mrs. Sevim: Take care! Write to us!
B├╝lent: Take care!
Mrs. Sevim: See you!
Mr. Sadun: Have a nice trip son!
B├╝lent: Good bye all.

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