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Kahvalt覺 - Breakfast


Tamay: Kahvalt覺 yapacaks覺n deil mi?
B羹lent: Hay覺r yapmayaca覺m. A癟 deilim. ok yorgun ve uykusuzum. imdi hemen uyuyaca覺m.
Tamay: ay haz覺r. Bir du al. Yorguluun 癟覺ks覺n. Kahvalt覺da bir eyler ye, sonra da uyu.
B羹lent: Kahvalt覺da neler var?
Deniz: Sen ne istiyorsun? Ben imdi bakkala gideceim. Yumurta, bal, zeytin alaca覺m.
B羹lent: u paketi a癟覺n. 襤癟inde b繹rek ve re癟el var. Annem koydu.
Tamay: Hem de vine ve 癟ilek receli var.
Deniz: B繹rekler de 癟ok g羹zel.
B羹lent: Annem g羹zel b繹rek yapar.
Tamay: Haydi, sen du al.
B羹lent: Acele etmeyin, du alaca覺m.
Tamay: Ama kahvalt覺 haz覺r, bizi bekletme.
B羹lent: Deniz bakkala gidecek. Bal, yumurta, zeytin alacak.
Deniz: Tamam, ben bakkala gidiyorum. Sen de du al, t覺ra ol.
B羹lent: Ben be dakikada haz覺r olaca覺m.
Tamay: Ben de kahvalt覺 sofras覺n覺 haz覺rlayaca覺m.
B羹lent: Bir tabaa vine re癟eli koy.
Tamay: Olur. Kahvalt覺da s羹t m羹, 癟ay m覺 i癟eceksin?
B羹lent: Siz ne i癟eceksiniz?
Tamay: Biz 癟ay i癟eceiz.
B羹lent: Ben de 癟ay i癟eceim. Yorgunlua iyi gelir.
Tamay: 襤yi bir kahvalt覺 yorgunluun en iyi ilac覺d覺r.
B羹lent: Bu s繹z羹n doru. Haydi sen kahvalt覺y覺 haz覺rla. Ben de hemen geleceim. Bir dakika! Sormay覺 unuttum. Mektup ka覺d覺 ve zarf var m覺?
Tamay: Var, kime yazacaks覺n?
B羹lent: Anneme yazaca覺m. S繹z verdim.


Tamay: You will have breakfast, won't you?
B羹lent: No, I won't. I am not hungry. I am very tired and sleepy. I will sleep right away.
Tamay: Tea is ready. Take a shower. You will feel rested. Eat something for breakfast, then sleep.
B羹lent: What is there for breakfast?
Deniz: What do you want? I will go to the grocery store now. I will buy eggs, honey and olives.
B羹lent: Open this package. There is pastry and jam inside. My mother made.
Tamay: And it is sourcherry and strawberry jam.
Deniz: The pastries are also delicious.
B羹lent: My mother makes good pastries.
Tamay: Come on, take a shower.
B羹lent: Don't hurry, I will take shower.
Tamay: But breakfast is ready, don't make us wait.
B羹lent: Deniz will go to the grocery store. She will buy honey, eggs and olives.
Deniz: Okey, I am going to the grocery s tore. And you take a shower and shave.
B羹lent: I will be ready in five minutes.
Tamay: And I will prepare the breakfast table.
B羹lent: Put sourcherry jam in a plate.
Tamay: Okey. Will you drink milk or tea for breakfast?
B羹lent: What will you drink?
Tamay: We will drink tea.
B羹lent: I will also drink tea. It helps tiredness.
Tamay: A good breakfast is the best medication for tiredness.
B羹lent: This is right. Come on, prepare the breakfast. And I will be back soon. One minute! I forgot to ask. Do we have envelope and paper for a letter?
Tamay: Yes, who will you write to?
B羹lent: I will write to my mother. I promised.

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