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Trende - On the Train


Vural: Affedersiniz, buras─▒ bo┼č mu?
B├╝lent: Evet bo┼č, buyurun oturun.
Vural: Te┼čekk├╝r ederim.
B├╝lent: Bir┼čey de─čil.
Vural: Nereden geliyorsunuz?
B├╝lent: ─░stanbul'dan geliyorum, siz de mi ─░stanbul'dan geliyorsunuz?
Vural: Hay─▒r, Almanya'dan geliyorum.
B├╝lent: Hangi ┼čehirden?
Vural: Berlin'den. Siz ─░stanbul'da m─▒ oturuyorsunuz?
B├╝lent: Hay─▒r, Ankara'da oturuyorum. Siz nereye gidiyorsunuz?
Vural: Ben de Ankara'ya gidiyorum. Sigara i├žer misiniz?
B├╝lent: Hay─▒r, te┼čekk├╝r ederim, i├žmiyorum.
Vural: Ankara'da ne i┼č yap─▒yorsunuz?
B├╝lent: Stajyer doktorum. Sizin mesle─činiz ne?
Vural: Ankara ├ťniversitesi'nde asistan─▒m.
B├╝lent: Hangi b├Âl├╝mde?
Vural: Alman Dili ve Edebiyat─▒ b├Âl├╝m├╝nde.
B├╝lent: Evli misiniz?
Vural: Evet, evliyim. ─░ki ├žocu─čum var. Siz de evli misiniz?
B├╝lent: Hay─▒r, hen├╝z bekar─▒m. E┼činiz ne i┼č yap─▒yor?
Vural: O da ├╝niversitede asistan, birlikte ├žal─▒┼č─▒yoruz.
Memur: Biletler l├╝tfen!
Vural: Buyurun bak─▒n.
Turgut: Trende r├Âtar var m─▒ acaba?
Memur: Hay─▒r, yok. Bir saat sonra Ankara'day─▒z.
Turgut: Erzurum ka├ž saat s├╝r├╝yor?
Memur: Erzurum alt─▒ saat s├╝r├╝yor.
Turgut: Te┼čekk├╝r ederim.
Memur: Bir ┼čey de─čil, hepinize iyi yolculuklar.


Vural: Excuse me, is this seat free?
B├╝lent: Yes, it is free, please sit down.
Vural: Thank you.
B├╝lent: You are welcome.
Vural: Where are you coming from?
B├╝lent: I am coming from Istanbul, are you also coming from Istanbul?
Vural: No, I am coming from Germany.
B├╝lent: From which city?
Vural: From Berlin. Do you live in Istanbul?
B├╝lent: No, I live in Ankara. Where are you going?
Vural: I am also going to Ankara. Do you smoke?
B├╝lent: No, thank you, I don't smoke.
Vural: What do you do in Ankara?
B├╝lent: I am a trainee doctor. What is your job?
Vural: I am an assistant in Ankara University.
B├╝lent: At which department?
Vural: At the Department of German Language and Literature.
B├╝lent: Are you married?
Vural: Yes, I am married. I have two children. Are you also married?
B├╝lent: No, I am yet single. What does your spouse do?
Vural: She is also assistant at the university, we are working together.
Conductor: Tickets please!
Vural: Here you are, look.
Turgut: Is there a delay for the train?
Conductor: No, there is not. We will be in Ankara in one hour.
Turgut: How long does it take to Erzurum?
Conductor: It takes six hours to Erzurum.
Turgut: Thank you.
Conductor: You are welcome, have a nice trip.

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