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 Hello friends. In previous lessons, we learnt to combine verbs and location and quatity. In this lesson, we are going to combine time concepts and verbs and create new lessons.


First of all, I should remind you some known time concepts and teach you new ones:


bugün : today


bu ay : this month


bu yıl / sene : this year


dün : yesterday


yarın : tomorrow


sabah  : morning


sabahleyin : at morning


öğlenleyin : at noon


öğleden sonra : afternoon


akşam : evening


akşamleyin / akşama : at evening


gece : night


geceleyin : at night


And now, let´s learn to express date:


Ayın + (number + 3rd singular relative suffix) = ...th day of Month.


Ayın beşi : fifth day of month.


Ayın yedisi : seventh day of month


Ayın üçü : third day of month.


Do we remember the names of Months? Let´s remember them shortly by order:


Ocak, Şubat, Mart, Nisan, Mayıs, Haziran, Temmuz, Ağustos, Eylül, Ekim, Kasım and Aralık.




Haziran´ın beşi or Haziran´ın 5´i : 5th of June


Mart´ın dördü or Mart´ın 4´ü : 4th of March


Temmuz´un on dokuzu or Temmuz´un 19´u : 19th of July


General question:


Bugün ayın kaçı ? What is date today ?


Bugün ayın ikisi : Today is the second day of month (that we are in).


Now, let´s start to sentence examples. Likewise in previous lessons, "stress" is important here, too. With two simple formulas, let´s see it:


If "what time" you are going to is more important than "where are you going to go/ what are you going to do" then use this formula:


Dolaylı Tümleç / Nesne + Time Concept + Verb


And here are the examples:


İstanbul´a bugün dönüyorum : I´m turning to Istanbul today.


Ödevi yarın teslim edeceğim : I will deliver my homework tomorrow. (teslim etmek : deliver)


Sınava dün girdim : I attended to examination yesterday.


Q: Dersler ne zaman başlayacak? When are lessons going to start?


A: Dersler ayın beşinde başlayacak: Lessons are going to start in fifth day of month.


Q: Ankara´ya ne zaman gideceksin? (When are you going to go to Ankara?)


A: Ankara´ya Temmuz´un üçünde gideceğim (I´m gonna go to Ankara in 3rd of July)


Q: Sınav sonuçlarını ne zaman açıklayacaklar? (When are they going to announce the results of examination?)


A: Sınav sonuçlarını Mart´ın 8´inde açıklayacaklar: They are going to announce the results of exam on 8th of March.


(Sınav: exam. Sonuç: Result. Sonuçlar: Results. Sınav Sonuçları : Exam Results. Sınav Sonuçları : to the exam results, accusative form suffix)


2) If "where you are going to go / what you are going to do" is more important than "time concept", then use this formula:


Time Concept + Dolaylı Tümleç / Nesne + Verb


Temmuz´un 3´ünde Ankara´ya gideceğim: I´m gonna go to Ankara, on 3rd of July.


Bugün İstanbul´a dönüyorum: I´m turning to İstanbul, today.


Mart´ın 8´inde sınav sonuçlarını açıklayacaklar: They´re gonna announce results on 8th of March.


Mixed Examples:


Akşama markete gideceğiz: We´re gonna go to market at evening.


Biz dün okula gitmedik: We haven´t been at school yesterday.


Sabahleyin kahvaltı etmedi: He didn´t have breakfast at morning.


Ben İzmir´e geçen yıl gittim: I went to İzmir last year. (It was last year when I have been to Izmir).


Hava birazdan yağacak: It is gonna rain a few later.



For any questions, write your comments or PM to me.



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