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lesson 4 - the suffix ´I can´

To say I can in Turkish  you use the suffix ebilir


gelebilirim - I can come


Just remember

verb + ebilir/abilir + personal suffix


Personal suffixes

I can im
You can Sin
We can No suffix is used
We can iz
You can siniz
They can ler/lar

So for example if we wanted to say

we can stay

we would write as

kal + abilir + iz



I can promise

söz ver + ebilir + im

söz verebilirim


He can watch

izle + ebilir 



now look closely at the last sentence, ´he can watch´, do you notice anything?


izle + y + ebilir


There´s that buffer y, can you remember why the buffer y was put there? talked about it briefly in a previous lesson. The buffer letter y is put in place there to keep the 2 vowels ´e´ and ´e´ from being put together.


Using the method above try making up your own sentences 

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