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The "if" suffix



I m
You n
He/she/it No personal ending
We k
You niz/n覺z/nuz/nüz
They ler/lar


The tense for ´if´ in turkish is

se / sa


Depending on the last letter of the verb the suffix is either se or sa. Let´s take a look at a few examples:

If I came

gel (the vowel is the e)

so we would use ´se´

if I came - gel+se+m


If you stay

kal (the vowel is the a)

so we would use ´sa´

if you stay - kal+sa+n



Let´s do a few more examples:


If he goes

git+se - gitse


If we watch

izle+se+k - izlesek


If you want

iste+se+niz - isteseniz


If they visit

ziyaret et+se+ler - ziyaret etseler



Now what about trying to make some simple sentences with the ´if´ suffix. Let´s take a look


If I explain to you

sana anlatsam


if you meet me

beni bulusan


if he comes here

burada gelse


if we rent this house

bu ev k覺ralasak


if you study turkish

türkçe ders çal覺san覺z


if they fly to Turkey

Türkiye´ye uçsalar

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