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Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-2.b

D) Bulunma hâli (-de,da,te,ta)


sözlük (dictionary)

çanta (bag)


Sözlük çantada. (The dictionary is in the bag)


tatil (holiday)


yaln覺zca, sadece=only, merely, just

Buraya yaln覺zca tatillerde geliriz. (We come here only on holidays)


gelecek (future)

proje (project)

imdi (now)


Bu proje imdi deil, gelecekte gerçekletirilecek. (This project will be realised in the future, not now.)


inaat (construction)


Day覺m inaatta çal覺覺yor. (My uncle works at the construction)


sen (you (singular))


Kitab覺m sende mi? (Is my book at you?)


Facebook (no need to translate :D )


her (every), gün (day)

Her gün Facebook´tas覺n. (You are at Facebook everyday.)


E) Ayr覺lma hâli (-den,dan,ten,tan)


dans (dance)

ekip (equip)

Slovakya (Slovakia)

Slovakya+dan(ablative) --> Slovakya´dan

Dans ekibi Slovakya´dan geliyormu. ((they say) The dance equip comes from Slovakia)


vazgeçmek (to quit, to abandon, to give up)

komak (to run)


Komaktan vazgeçtim ve yürüdüm. (I gave up running and I walked)

örenmek (to learn)


Türkçe örenmekten vazgeçmedim. (I didn´t give up learning Turkish)

al覺kanl覺k (habit)


Bu al覺kanl覺ktan vazgeçmen gerek. (You have to give up this habit)


site (site)


Türkçeyi bu siteden öreniyorlar. (They are learning Turkish on this site.) (direct: ......from this site)


pazar (1sunday, 2market place)


bir (1one, 2a/an, 3same, 4different, 5.... 6..... ...)

kilo (kilo)

elma (apple)

Pazardan bir kilo elma ald覺m. (I bought a kilo of apples from the market place)


haber (news)

olay (event)


Bu olaydan haberin var m覺? (Are you aware of this event?) (directly: Have you got news from this event?)


nefret etmek (to hate)

ben (I)


Benden nefret ediyor. (He hates me) (direct: He hates from me)


korkmak (to be afraid of, to fear)

rüzgar (wind)

gece (night)


Çocukken gece rüzgardan korkard覺m. (I used to be afraid of the wind at night while I was child) (direct: As I was child, I used to fear from the wind at night)


özür dilemek (to apologise)

biz (we)


Eer kendini suçlu hissediyorsa, bizden niye özür dilemedi? (Why didn´t he apologise to us if he feels himself guilty?) (direct: ..... apologize from us ......)


Some prepositions which are used with ablative case:


1) ...  yüzünden, -den dolay覺 (because of, due to, owing to ...)

Although they are in the same task, "-den dolay覺" is used much more than "yüzünden". What´s more, if you want, use always "-den dolay覺". It is more absolute so as not to make mistake.


iptal olmak=iptal edilmek (to be cancelled)

maç (match)

yamur (rain)

Maç, yamur yüzünden iptal edildi (The match has been cancelled due to the rain)

=Maç, yamurdan dolay覺 iptal edildi.


ben (I)

benim (my)

Benim yüzümden geç kald覺lar. (They are late because me)

(this pattern is done by "yüzünden/yüzümden", not by "-den dolay覺")


gürültü (noise)

ders (lesson)

ders çal覺mak, derse çal覺mak (to study lesson)

gürültü+den dolay覺

Gürültüden dolay覺 ders çal覺amad覺m. (I couldn´t study lesson because/owing to/due to the noise)


çal覺mak (1to work, 2to study)

çok (1many, 2very, 3much)

hastalanmak (to get ill)

çal覺mak+dan dolay覺

Çok çal覺maktan dolay覺 hastaland覺; birkaç gün dinlenecek. (He got ill because of working very much; he will have a rest for a few days.)


Even if you don´t use "dolay覺", it can be understood.

Çok çal覺maktan hastaland覺.

Gürültüden ders çal覺amad覺m.

....vs. vs.


2) -den beri/-den bu yana (since, for)


"-den beri" is used much more than "bu yana".


"beri" is pronunced as "beeri"


kar (snow)

devam etmek (1to continue, 2to go on)

dün (yesterday)

dün+den beri

Kar dünden beri devam ediyor. (The snow has been continuing since yesterday)


sabah (morning)

sabah+den beri

Sabahtan beri buraday覺z. (We are here since the morning)


on dört (fourteen)

y覺l (year)

y覺l+den beri/den bu yana

Bu festival on dört y覺ldan beri ayn覺 yerde yap覺l覺yor.=.....on dört y覺ldan bu yana... (This festival has been being done in the same place for fourteen years.)


2005 (iki bin be)

Avusturya (Austria, Österreich)


iki bin be+den beri/den bu yana

Avusturya´ya 2005´ten bu yana gitmedim. (I have never been/gone to Austria since 2005)


F) Tamlayan hâli (-in,覺n,un,ün)


let me remind: if the word ends with vowel : -nin,n覺n,nun,nün

(remember combinative letters)


oda (room)

müdür (director)


Bu oda müdürün. (This room is the director´s one.)


kim (who)


O arabalar kimin? (Whose are those cars?)


herkes (everybody, everyone)


kütüphane (library)

Kütüphane herkesin. (The library is everybody´s one)


hangi (which)

bilet (ticket)



Bilet hangi yolcunun? (Of which traveller is the ticket?)


baba (father)

baba+m(possessive of 1st singular)+in(genitive)

gözlük (eyeglasses)

Gözlük babam覺n (The eyeglasses are my father´s one.)

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