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Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-1

The infinitive suffix of the verbs is "-mek/-mak" in Turkish. You always see the verbs on the dictionary on the infinitive mode.


örnein (for example) :


uyu- = sleep (verb)

uyu+mak--->uyumak=to sleep


unut- = forget

unut+mak-->unutmak=to forget.


bil- = know

bil+mek--->bilmek=to know




Example sentences about the infinitive mode.


dil (1the tongue, 2the language)

örenmek (to learn)

güzel (nice, beautiful)


örenmek = to learn

dil örenmek. (to learn language)

dil örenmek güzel. (it is nice to learn languages) (direct trans.: to learn language is nice)


böyle (such, like this)

s覺cak (hot)

hava (1the air, 2the sky, 3the weather)

uyumak (to sleep)

zor (difficult)




uyumak zor. it is difficult to sleep (direct: to sleep is difficult)

böyle s覺cak havalarda. at such hot weather(s)

böyle s覺cak havalarda uyumak. to sleep at such hot weather(s)

Böyle s覺cak havalarda uyumak zor. It is difficult to sleep at such hot weather(s).


asl覺nda (indeed, in fact)

gereksiz (unnecessary)

konumak (1to talk, 2to speak)

bunlar (these)


bunlar+覺--->bunlar覺=these (accusative)


konumak=to talk

bunlar覺 konumak. to talk about these

bunlar覺 konumak gereksiz. it is unnecessary to talk about these.

Asl覺nda bunlar覺 konumak gereksiz. In fact, it´s unnecessary to talk about these. (direct: In fact to talk these is unnecessary)


bura+da(locative)--->burada (here)

sigara (cigarette)

içmek (to drink)

sigara içmek (to smoke (direct: to drink cigarette)

yasak (1the forbiding, 2forbidden)


Burada sigara içmek yasak. (It´s forbidden to smoke here)



How to find the root of the verb?


If you remove the infinitive suffix, you get two things:

1) the root of the verb.

2) imperative case to 2nd singular.


yapmak (to do)


yap- = do (root of the verb)

yap = do (imperative to 2nd singular)


oturmak (1to sit, 2to sit down, 3to dwell, to live)


otur- = sit/sit down (root of the verb)

otur = sit/sit down (imperative to 2nd singular)




How to make the verb negative?


If you bring the negation suffix "-me/-ma" to the root of the verb, you make the verb negative.


gelmek (to come)

gel- = root of the "gelmek"

gel+me ---> gelme- ---> gelme+mek--->gelmemek=not to come.


yorulmak (to get tired)


yorul+ma+mak---->yorulmamak=not to get tired.


anlamak (to understand)


anla+ma+mak --->anlamamak=not to understand


vermek (to give)


ver+me+mek---->vermemek=not to give


izin vermek (to let (direct: to give permission))


izin ver+me+mek--->izin vermemek=not to let (not to give permission)



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