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The suffix "-li"


bahçe (the garden)

ev (the house)


bahçe+li ev--------------->bahçeli ev (the house with garden (direct: the house that has garden))


renk (the colour)

elbise (the cloth)


renk+li elbise------------->renkli elbise (the coloured cloth (direct: the cloth that has colour))


hak (1the justice, 2right, 3authority, a right to do something)



Hakl覺s覺n (you are right (you have right))


itiraz etmek (to object)


itiraz etmek+de(locative)-->itiraz etmekte


襤tiraz etmekte hakl覺y覺m (I am/have right to object)


fark (the difference)


fark+l覺------------------->farkl覺 (different (direct: the one that has difference))


saat (1hour, 2the watch, 3clock)

bomba (the bomb)


saat+li bomba----------->saatli bomba (the ticking bomb (the bomb that has clock))


baarmak (to succeed)

baar覺 (the success)


Baar覺l覺 bir örenciydim (I was a successful student (direct: I was a student who has success))


huy (1the temper, 2the habit)

k覺z (1the girl, 2the daughter)

ak覺ll覺, zeki (clever, intelligent)


k覺z+niz(poss.)----------->k覺z覺n覺z (your daughter)

çok iyi huy (very good temper)

çok iyi huylu (very good tempered)


K覺z覺n覺z çok iyi huylu ve çok ak覺ll覺. (Your daughter is very good tempered and very clever)


ak覺l (mind)


ak覺l+li------------------->ak覺ll覺 (clever, intelligent (direct: the one who has mind))


yüksek (high)

zekâ (the intelligence)

çocuk (the child)


yüksek zekâ+l覺 çocuklar-->yüksek zekâl覺 çocuklar (highly intelligent children (direct: the children who has high intelligence))


hemen hemen (approximately, almost)

tüm, bütün (whole, all)

fiil (the verb)

kural (the rule)


hemen hemen tüm fiiller (almost all the verbs)

kural+li----------------->kurall覺 (regular (direct: the one has rule))


Türkçede hemen hemen tüm fiiller kurall覺d覺r. (Almost all the verbs are regular in Turkish)

(the suffix "-dir" expressess "generalization" meaning here. because this is a general feature of Turkish)


ayakkab覺 (the shoe)

kalite (the quality)


kalite+li---------------->kaliteli (qualifty, of good quality (direct: the one that has quality))


Bu ayakkab覺lar çok kaliteli (These shoes are so quality)


ya (the age)


ya+l覺----------------->yal覺 (old (direct: the one who has age))


kat (the floor, the storey)

apartman (the building)


be kat+li apartman--------------->be katl覺 apartman (the five-storeyed building (direct: the building that has five storeys))


ho (nice)

koku (the smell)

çiçek (the flower)


ho koku+li çiçek----------------->ho kokulu çiçek (the (nice) scented flower (direct: the flower that has nice scent))


h覺z (the speed)


h覺z+l覺+idi-------------------------->h覺zl覺yd覺 (it was fast (direct: it had much speed))

Araba çok h覺zl覺yd覺. (The car was too fast (direct: The car had much speed))


ela (hazel)

göz (the eye)


ela göz+li-------------------------->ela gözlü (hazel eyed)


Annemle ben ela gözlüyüz ama babam deil. (My mother and me are hazel eyed but my father isn´t.)


ho görmek (to condone, to be tolerant of (direct: to see nice))

hogörü (the tolerance)

konu (the topic, the matter)

.... konusunda (in respect of ....)

ödev (the homework)

Hüseyin (a Turkish male name)


ödev konusunda (in respect of homework)

hogörü+li--->hogörülü (tolerant)


Hüseyin Hoca ödev konusunda hiç hogörülü deil. (The Teacher Hüseyin is never tolerant in respect of homework)


k覺rm覺z覺 (red)

apka (the hat)

kad覺n (the woman)


k覺rm覺z覺 apkal覺 kad覺n (the woman in red hat (direct: the woman that has red hat))


siyah (black)

saç (the hair)


siyah saç+l覺+覺m-------------->

Siyah saçl覺y覺m (i am dark haired / i have black hairs)


el (the hand)

paket (the package)

adam (the man)


el+i(poss.)------------------>eli (his hand)

paket+li--------------------->paketli (the one that has package)


eli paketli adam (the man that has a package on his hand))


yarar=fayda (the benefit)

yarar+l覺---------------------->yararl覺=faydal覺 (beneficial (direct: the one that has benefit))


zarar (the harm)

zarar+l覺---------------------->zararl覺 (harmful (direct: the one that has harm)


kâr (the profit)

kâr+l覺------------------------>kârl覺 (profitable (direct: the one that has profit))


kar (the snow)

kar+l覺------------------------>karl覺 (snowy (direct: the one that has snow))


yamur (the rain)

yamur+li-------------------->yamurlu (rainy (direct: the one that has rain))


güne (the sun)

güne+li--------------------->güneli (sunny (direct: the one that has sun))


rüzgar (the wind)

rüzgâr+l覺--------------------->rüzgarl覺 (windy (direct: the one that has wind))


umut, ümit (the hope)

umut+li, ümit+li-------------->umutlu, ümitli (expectant, hopeful (direct: the one that has hope))

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