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hafta (the week)

hiçbir (any, no)

gün (the day)

yamur (the rain)

geçmek (1to pass, 2to outstrip, 3to be currect, to be valid, 4to elapse, to go 5...6...7...14....)


bu hafta (this week)

hiçbir gün (any day)

yamur+siz-------------------------->yamursuz (without rain)

geç+me+di-------------------------->geçmedi (it didn´t elapse)


Bu hafta hiçbir gün yamursuz geçmedi. (None of the days went without rain in this week)


gezi (the trip, the journey)

gitmek (to go)


gezi+e(dative)----------------------->geziye (to the journey)

ben+siz------------------------------>bensiz (without me)

git+di+ler---------------------------->gittiler (they went)


Geziye bensiz gittiler. (They went on the journey without me)


yemek (the meal)

ekmek (the bread)

yemek (to eat)



ekmek+siz---------------------------->ekmeksiz (without bread)


Yemei ekmeksiz yiyemem. (I can´t eat the meal without bread)


anlam (the meaning)

iir (the poem)

yazmak (to write)


anlam+s覺z----------------->anlams覺z (meaningless)

iir+ler-------------------->iirler (poems)

yaz+r+d覺------------------>yazard覺 (he used to write)


Anlams覺z iirler yazard覺. (He used to write meaningless poems.)


ne kadar (how)

ac覺mak (to pity)

ac覺ma (the pity, the mercy)

insan (the human)


ac覺ma+s覺z---------------->ac覺mas覺z (merciless)

insan+s覺n---------------->insans覺n (you are human)


Ne kadar ac覺mas覺z bir insans覺n! (How a merciless human you are!)


heyecan (the excitement)

maç (the match)

gol (the goal (soccer))

olmak (1....2to happen, to occur, 3..4...18..)


heyecan+s覺z------------>heyecans覺z (unexciting (direct: excitementless))

maç+d覺----------------->maçt覺 (it was match)

ol+ma+d覺---------------->olmad覺 (it didn´t happen)


Çok heyecans覺z bir maçt覺; gol de olmad覺. (It was a too unexciting match; also, no goal happened.)


konu (the topic)

bilgi (the knowledge)


konu+da--------------->konuda (in this topic)

bilgi+siz---------------->bilgisiz, cahil (ignorant)

bilgi+siz+iz------------->bilgisiziz (we are ignorant)


Bu konuda çok bilgisiziz. (We are so ignorant in this topic.)


çay (the tea)

atmak (1to throw, 2to chuck, 3to pour (dökmek), 4...5..6..)

daha imdi (just now)

eker (the sugar)

ka覺k (the spoon)

yeter (enough, sufficient)

gelmek (to come)

lâz覺m, gerek, gerekli (necessary)


çay+a(dative)--------->çaya (to the tea)

at+ma+d覺+n m覺--------->atmad覺n m覺? (didn´t you throw?)

bir ka覺k (a spoon)

bir ka覺k eker (a spoon of sugar)

yeter+siz--------------->yetersiz (insufficient)

gel+yor----------------->geliyor (it is coming)

iki+nci+i(poss.)+i(acc.)-->ikincisini (the second one (accusative))


-Çaya daha imdi eker atmad覺n m覺? (Didn´t you pour sugar into the tea just now?)

-Bir ka覺k eker yetersiz geliyor, ikincisini atmak gerek. (A spoon of sugar are being insufficient; needs to pour the second one.) (direct: ....coming insufficient,...)


hak (the right, the justice, the authority, ....)

susmak (1to be quiet/silent, not to talk, 2to stop talking)


hak+s覺z ise+n----------->haks覺z isen------->haks覺zsan (if you are wrong)

susmak zorunda+s覺n----------------------->susmak zorundas覺n (you have not to talk)


Haks覺zsan susmak zorundas覺n. (You have not to talk if you are wrong)

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