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Verbal noun: 1.1

You have already knewn one of the meaning of the suffix "-me" is negative for the verbs. I sometimes remarked that it has another task. And such it´s to make verb a verbal noun.


Where is the suffix "-me" which is negative suffix? It´s in the word. To what will we add the suffix "-me" which is verbal noun? To the verb. Namely, we put the verbal noun suffix later. Therefore, it requires that the negative "-me" comes before the verbal noun "-me".


Perhaps you may get confused how to make it? You may think it is made by removing the "k" of the infinitive suffix "-mek". No! This guess is completely wrong. Never think like this. We remove the infinitive suffix like we do for other cases almost everytime.


konumak (to talk, to speak)


konu+ma(noun)-------------->konuma (1speaking, 2the lecture)

konu+ma(negative)+ma(noun)>konumama (not speaking)

konu+abil+me(noun)--------->konuabilme (being able to speak)

konu+ama+ma(noun)-------->konuamama (not being able to speak)


gibi (like)

konu+ma(noun)+lar----------->konumalar (speakings, 2the lectures)

asl覺nda (indeed, in fact)

yanl覺 (1false, 2wrong, 3the mistake)


bu+genitive gibi -------------->bunun gibi (like this)


Bunun gibi konumalar asl覺nda çok yanl覺. (The speakings like this are indeed too false.)


ünlü (1the vowel, 2famous)

uyum (the harmony)

kaynat覺rmak (to combine (transitive), to fuse (transitive), to integrate (transitive))

kaynat覺r+ma(noun)------------>kaynat覺rma (fusion, integrating, combining)

harf (the letter)

örenmek (to learn)


ünlü uyum+覺------------------->ünlü uyumu (the vowel harmony)

ünlü uyum+lar+覺--------------->ünlü uyumlar覺 (the vowel harmonies)

ünlü uyum+lar+覺+覺------------->ünlü uyumlar覺n覺 (the vowel harmonies (acc.))

kaynat覺rma harf+i------------->kaynat覺rma harfi (the combining letter (the combinative letter))

kaynat覺rma harf+ler+i--------->kaynat覺rma harfleri (the combinative letters)

kaynat覺rma harf+ler+i+i------->kaynat覺rma harflerini (the combinative letters (acc.))

ören+me+z+ise+n------------>örenmezsen (if you don´t learn)

Türkçe+i(acc.)---------------->Türkçeyi (Turkish (accusative))

ören+eme+zsin--------------->örenemezsin (you can´t learn)


Ünlü uyumlar覺n覺 ve kaynat覺rma harflerini örenmezsen Türkçeyi örenemezsin. (You can´t learn the Turkish language if you don´t learn the vowel harmonies and the combinative letters.)


cumhurbakan覺 (the president (of a republic))

dün (yesterday)

dün+ki konuma --------------->dünkü konuma  (the lecture which was yesterday)

ne (what)

ne+ler------------------------->neler (we can make "what" and "who" plural)

söylemek (to tell, to say)

söyle+di----------------------->söyledi (he said)


Cumhurbakan覺 dünkü konumada neler söyledi? (What did the president say in the lecture yesterday?)


aç覺klamak (to explain)


aç覺kla+ma(noun)-------------->aç覺klama (1explaining, 2the explanation)

yapmak (to do, to make)

yap+d覺k+n aç覺klama----------->yapt覺覺n aç覺klama (the explanation you made/are making)

yararl覺, faydal覺 (beneficial)

yararl覺+idi-------------------->yararl覺yd覺 (it was beneficial)


Yapt覺覺n aç覺klama benim için çok yararl覺yd覺, teekkürler. (The explanation you made was so beneficial for me, thanks.)


ne (what)

konumak (to talk, to speak)

anlamak (to understand)

çal覺mak (1to work, 2to study (lesson, yourself), 3to try to, 4..5...6.)


konu+d覺k+lar覺+覺--------------->konutuklar覺n覺 (what/that they talked/talk/are talking)

anla+ma(noun)+a(dative)------>anlamaya ((direct: to understanding))

çal覺+yor+覺m------------------>çal覺覺yorum (i´m working)


Ne konutuklar覺n覺 anlamaya çal覺覺yorum. (I´m trying to understand what they are talking about.)


ayn覺 (same)

hata (the mistake)

tekrar, yine, gene, bir daha (again)

yapmak (to do, to make)


hata+lar+覺------------------------>hatalar覺 (the mistakes (acc.))

yap+ma(neg.)+ma(noun)+a(dat.)-->yapmamaya ((direct: to not doing))

çal覺+yor+覺z---------------------->çal覺覺yoruz (we are working)


Ayn覺 hatalar覺 tekrar yapmamaya çal覺覺yoruz. (We are trying not to make the same mistakes again.)


yard覺m (the help)

olmak (to be)


sana (to you)

yard覺m+c覺---------------------->yard覺mc覺 (helper)


çal覺+yor+lar+idi---------------->çal覺覺yorlard覺 (they were working)


Sana yard覺mc覺 olmaya çal覺覺yorlard覺. (They were trying to be helper to you.)


dürüst (honest)

olmak (to be)

hiç (never)

becermek (1to succeed, to manage 2to fuck (slang))


dürüst ol+ma--------------------->dürüst olma (being honest)

dürüst ol+ma+覺(acc.)------------->dürüst olmay覺

becer+eme+yor+s覺n-------------->beceremiyorsun (you aren´t able to manage)


Dürüst olmay覺 hiç beceremiyorsun. (You are never able to manage to be honest. (direct: you are never being able to manage being honest))


araba (the car)

sürmek (1to drive, 2to continue, 3..4..5..)

bilmek (to know)


sür+me(noun)------------------->sürme (driving)

sür+me+i(acc.)----------------->sürmeyi (driving)

bil+yor mi+sin------------------->biliyor musun? (do you know?)


Araba kullanmay覺 biliyor musun? (Do you know driving a car?)


çizgi film (the cartoon movie (direct: the line movie))

izlemek (1to follow, 2to watch)

sevmek (to love, to like)



sev+yor+- -------------------->seviyor (he loves, likes)


Çizgi film izlemeyi çok seviyor. (He likes to watch cartoon movie very much.)


böyle (such, like this)

ey (thing)

konumak (to speak, to talk)

suç (the crime)

saymak (1to count, 2to regard, 3to respect, 4..5...)

rahat (1relax, still, 2easy)

olmak (to be)


böyle eyler (such things, things like this)

böyle eyleri (such things, things like this (accusative))

/böyle eylerden (from such things, from things like this))



rahat ol+- ---------------->rahat ol (be still)


Böyle eyler konumay覺 suç saym覺yorlar, rahat ol. (They don´t regard as crime talking about things like this.)

=Böyle eylerden konumay覺...

=Böyle eyleri konumay覺...


In the meaning of "to regard as", the verb "görmek (to see)" is the same as "saymak". Therefore you also could have written "görmüyorlar" instead of "saym覺yorlar". It would be the same.


yine, tekrar, gene, (again)

saçmalamak (to talk nonsense, to talk drivel, to drivel)

balamak (to start, to begin)



bala+d覺+n-------------->balad覺n (you started)


Yine saçmalamaya balad覺n. (You started to talk drivel again.)


uyarmak (to warn)

-den sonra (after ...)

davran覺 (the behaviour, the act)

daha çok (much more)

dikkat etmek (1to pay attention, 2to be careful about)

balamak (to start, to beginn)


sen uyar+d覺k+dan sonra-------------->sen uyard覺ktan sonra (after you warned)

davran覺+lar覺+a---------------------->davran覺lar覺na (to their behaviour/s)

dikkat et+me(noun)+e--------------->dikkat etmeye

bala+d覺+lar------------------------->balad覺lar (they started)


Sen uyard覺ktan sonra davran覺lar覺na daha çok dikkat etmeye balad覺lar. (The started to be careful about their behaviours after you had warned.)


ne (what)

olmak (1,to be, 2to become, 3to happen, 4to occur, 5...16...)

anlamak (to understand)

birden, birbenbire, aniden (suddenly) (pronunciaton: aaniden)

ba覺rmak (to shout)

küfretmek (to swear, to curse)

balamak (to start, to begin)


ol+d覺-------------------------------->oldu (it became, it happened,...)

ne oldu? (what happeened?)

anla+ma+d覺+m----------------------->anlamad覺m (i didn´t understand)



bala+d覺+- ------------------------->balad覺 (he started)


Ne oldu, anlamad覺m. Birden ba覺rmaya, küfretmeye balad覺. (I didn´t understood, what happened. He started to shout and swear suddenly.)


örenmek (to learn)

niyet (the intention, the purpose)



niyet+li--------------------------->niyetli (the one that has intention)

niyet+li+im----------------------->niyetliyim (i have intention, i´m intending)


Türkçe örenmeye niyetliyim. (I´m intending to learn Turkish. (direct: I have intention to learn Turkish. If I get an opportunity, I will learn.))


doktor (the doctor)

olmak (1to be, 2to become, .....)

istemek (to love, to like)

vazgeçmek (to abandon)

mühendis (the engineer)

karar (the decision)

karar vermek (to decide (direct: to give decision))


doktor olmak iste+yor+d覺------------->doktor olmak istiyordu (he used to want to become a doctor)

bu+dan(abl.)------------------------>bundan (from this)

vazgeç+di--------------------------->vazgeçti (he abandoned)

mühendis ol+ma(noun)+a ------------>mühendis olmaya

karar ver+di------------------------->karar verdi (he decided)


Doktor olmak istiyordu ama bundan vazgeçti ve mühendis olmaya karar verdi. (He used to want to become a doctor but he abandoned this and decided to become an engineer.)


y覺l, sene (the year)

tatil (the holiday, the vacation)

yapmak (to do, to make)

tatil yapmak (to take a holiday)

karar vermek (to decide)



karar ver+di+k--------------------->karar verdik (we decided)


Bu sene tatil yapmamaya karar verdik. (We decided not to take a holiday this year.)

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