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the causative mood - 2

Most of (supposing %80-85) of the verbs are made causative by "-dir". I remember only a few verbs which are made causative by "-t" or "-ir". They are these:


The ones with "-t" are these: 


akmak (to flow)


ak覺tmak (to let sth. flow)


Torbadaki suyu ak覺t, torbay覺 buzdolab覺na ondan sonra koy. (Let the water in the sack flow, put the sack into the fridge later.)


korkmak (to fear, to be afraid)


korkutmak (to frighten)


Gece esen poyraz beni hep korkutur. (The northeast wind which blows at night always frightens me.)


ürkmek (to fear (for a shorter and momentary fears))


ürkütmek (to frighten)


Gece esen poyraz beni hep ürkütür.


bakmak (to look)


bak覺tmak (to get/make sth. look)



antiye (the work site)

Araban覺n sol farlar覺 yanm覺yor. Arabay覺 yar覺n antiyeye götürüp farlara bak覺tmam/bakt覺rmam gerek. (The left headlights of the car aren´t lightening. I need to take the car to the work site and get the headlights look at.)


The ones with "-ir" are these:


pimek (to cook (intransitive))


piirmek (to cook (transitive))


Çorba hâlâ piiyor. (The soup is still cooking.)

Akama çorba piireceim. (I will cook soup for evening.)


But we usually prefer to use "yapmak" instead of "piirmek" much more.

Akama çorba yapaca覺m ((This is more preferred))


tamak (to overflow (intransitive))


ta覺rmak (to overflow (transitive))


Ben kahveyi ta覺r覺nca hal覺 da kirlendi. (The carpet got dirty, too, when I overflowed the coffee.)


artmak (to increase (intransitive))


art覺rmak (to increase (transitive))


irket, gelirlerini son birkaç y覺lda baya覺 art覺rd覺. (The company increased its incomes in recent a few years very much.)


uçmak (to fly)


uçurmak (to make sth. fly)


Uçurtma uçursak m覺? (Shall we fly a kite?)


bitmek (to finish (intransitive), to end)


bitirmek (to finish (transitive), to complete)


襤lerimi bitirdiimde seni tekrar arayaca覺m. (I will call you again when I finish my works.)


geçmek (1to pass, 2to outstrip, 3..4...5..6...)


geçirmek (1to pass (transitive), 2to experience, to undergo, 3to see smb. to the door, 4...5..)


Zaman geçirmek için sürekli kitap okuyorum. (I´m reading book continuously so as to pass the time.)

ameliyat (the surgical operation)

Aabeyim yirmi üç ya覺nda ve bugüne kadar iki ameliyat geçirdi. (My brother is twenty three years old and he has undergone two operations until today.)


az (little, few)


azalmak (to decrease (intransitive))


azaltmak (to decrease (transitive), to reduce)


H覺z覺n覺 azaltmazsan kaza yapaca覺z. (We will have an accident if you don´t decrease your speed.)


çok (1much, 2very, 3too)


çoalmak (to increase (intransitive))


çoaltmak (1to increase (transitive), 2to multiply (transitive), 3to copy)


Bu ilerin masraflar覺m覺z覺 çoaltaca覺n覺 düünüyorum. (I think these businesses will increase our expenses.)


düz (1flat, 2straight)


düzelmek (1to straighten (intransitive), 2to be put in order, 3to get better)


düzeltmek (1to smooth, 2to straighten (transitive), 3to correct, 4to put in order, 5to tidy up)


Sen hata yaparsan ben düzeltirim, rahat ol. (I correct if you make mistake, be still.)


Hat覺rlad覺klar覺m bunlar. (The ones which I remember are these.)

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