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the causative mood - 4

I showed the causative forms for the verbs which end with vowel, the ones which takes "-t" and "-ir" and the ones which are irregular. Only the normal type remained. Normal type is to make a verb causative by "-dir".


No need to explain more. It will be enough to write examples.


bilmek (to know)


bildirmek (to inform, to notify)


proje (the project)

son (last)

teslim (1the delivery, 2the submission)

tarih (1the date, 2history)

son teslim tarihi (the deadline)

e-posta (the e-mail)


siz+e(dative)--------------->size (to you)

bil+dir+ecek+iz------------->bildireceiz (we´ll inform)


Size projelerin son teslim tarihini e-postayla bildireceiz. (We will inform you about the deadline of the projects.)


gülmek (to laugh)


güldürmek (to make smb. laugh)


Yine hepimizi güldürdü. (He made all of us laugh again.)


unutmak (to forget)


unutturmak (to make/let smb. forget)


Çin hükümetinin Dou Türkistan Türklerine yapt覺覺 zulümleri unutturmayaca覺z. (We won´t let people forget the oppressions the Chinese government do to Turks of East Turkistan.)


uyanmak (to wake up)


uyand覺rmak (to wake smb. up)


Eer acil bir ey olursa beni uyand覺r覺rs覺n覺z. (You wake me up if an urgent thing happens.)


olumak (1to come into existence, 2to occur, 3to comprise)


oluturmak (1to form, 2to make up sth.)


Bu sald覺r覺larda ölenlerin büyük bir k覺sm覺n覺 çocuklar oluturuyor. (The childrens make up most of ones who died in these assaults.)


yapmak (1to do, 2to make)


yapt覺rmak (to make smb. do)


Bunlar覺 bize niye yapt覺r覺yorsunuz? (Why are you making us do these?)


ölmek (to die)


öldürmek (to kill)


Öldürmek istediim baz覺 insanlar var. (There are some people that I want to kill.)


sönmek (to go out (for fire or light))


söndürmek (to extinguish)


Sigaras覺n覺 söndürdü ve konumaya devam etti. (He extinguished his cigarette and went on talking.)


gelimek (to develop)


gelitirmek (to develop (transitive), to improve))


Türkçemi gelitirmek için sürekli Türk arkadalar覺mla konuuyorum. (I´m talking to my Turkish friends to improve my Turkish.)


üphe (the suspicion, the doubt)


üphelenmek (to be in doubt, to be doubtful)


üphelendirmek (to make smb. doubtful)


Davran覺lar覺 beni çok üphelendirdi. (His behaviours made me doubtful very much.)


çal覺mak (1to work, 2to study, 3to try to)


çal覺t覺rmak (1to employ, 2to run, 3to operate)


Fabrikada 2370´ten fazla personel çal覺t覺ramayaca覺n覺 söyledi. (He said he won´t be able to employ staff in the factory more than 2370.)


kanmak (to be deceived (yourself))


kand覺rmak (to deceive (direct: to make smb. be deceived))


Beni kand覺rmaya çal覺t覺覺n覺 biliyorum. (I know you are trying to deceive me.)

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