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the causative mood - 5

way 1 : +t + dir + t + dir + t + dir + t + dir + ...

way 2 : +dir + t+ dir + t + dir + t + dir + ...


katman, tabaka (the layer)


Bu katmanlar覺n sonu yok. Ama üçüncü katmandan sonras覺n覺 genellikle kullanm覺yoruz. Kullan覺rsak bile bu çok çok nadir oluyor. Yani üçüncü katmandan sonra fantezi olmaya bal覺yor. (These layers have no end. But we usually don´t use the rest of the third layer. This happens too rarely even if we use. So it starts to be a fantasy after the third layer.)


1. katman: azalmak (to decrease (intransitive))

2. katman: azaltmak (to decrease (transitive))

3. katman: azaltt覺rmak (to cause that someone makes sth decrease)

4. katman: azaltt覺rtmak (to cause that someone causes that someone else makes sth decrease)

5. katman: azaltt覺rtt覺rmak

6. katman: azaltt覺rtt覺rtmak

7. katman: azaltt覺rtt覺rtt覺rmak

8. katman: azaltt覺rtt覺rtt覺rtmak

9. katman: azaltt覺rtt覺rtt覺rtt覺rmak

10.katman: azaltt覺rtt覺rtt覺rtt覺rtmak

and goes on like this.


Hatalar覺m覺 azaltmam gerek. (I need to decrease my mistakes.)

Sana hatalar覺n覺 azaltt覺raca覺m. (I will make you decrease your mistakes.)


1. ktm: yasaklamak (to forbide)

2. ktm: yasaklatmak (to make sth forbide)

3. ktm: yasaklatt覺rmak (to cause that someone makes sth forbide)

4. ktm: yasaklatt覺rtmak (to cause that someones causes that someone else makes sth forbide)

5. ktm: yasaklatt覺rtt覺rmak

6. ktm: yasaklatt覺rtt覺rtmak

7. ktm: yasaklatt覺rtt覺rtt覺rmak

8. ktm: yasaklatt覺rtt覺rtt覺rtmak

9. ktm: yasaklatt覺rtt覺rtt覺rtt覺rmak

continues forever


Millî Eitim Bakanl覺覺, okul müdürlerine öretmenlerin arabalar覺n覺 okul bahçesine park etmesini yasaklatt覺. (The Ministry of National Education made the school directors forbide that the teachers park their cars into the school garden.) (namely: The ministry has ordered and the directors forbade.)

(note: Nothing like that has happened in Turkey, I wrote it just as an example. Don´t understand false.) :)


1. ktm: gelmek (to come)

2. ktm: getirmek (to bring)

3. ktm: getirtmek (to make smb/sth bring)

4. ktm: getirttirmek (to cause that someone make smb/sth bring)

5. ktm: getirttirtmek (to cause that someone causes that someone makes sb./st bring)

6. ktm: getirttirttirmek

7. ktm: getirttirttirtmek

8. ktm: getirttirttirttirmek

9. ktm: getirttirttirttirtmek

10.ktm: getirttirttirttirttirmek

vs. vs. vs....


1. ktm: aç覺klamak (to explain)

2. ktm: aç覺klatmak (to make smb/sth explain)

3. ktm: aç覺klatt覺rmak (to cause to make smb/sth explain)

4. ktm: aç覺klatt覺rtmak

5. ktm: aç覺klatt覺rtt覺rmak

6. ktm: aç覺klatt覺rtt覺rtmak

7. ktm: aç覺klatt覺rtt覺rtt覺rmak

8. ktm: aç覺klatt覺rtt覺rtt覺rtmak




Öretmen sorunun cevab覺n覺 bana aç覺klatt覺. (The teacher made me explain the answer of the question.)

aç覺k+la+t+t覺r(2nd causative)+d覺(past)

Öretmen sorunun cevab覺n覺 bana aç覺klatt覺rd覺. (The teacher caused to make the answer of the question explain to me.) (namely: he said someone else to explain to me, and that person explain it to me.)


1. ktm: ölmek (to die)

2. ktm: öldürmek (to kill)

3. ktm: öldürtmek (to make smb. kill)

4. ktm: öldürttürmek (to cause that smb makes smb. kill)

5. ktm: öldürttürtmek

6. ktm: öldürttürttürmek

7. ktm: öldürttürttürtmek

8. ktm: öldürttürttürttürmek

9. ktm: öldürttürttürttürtmek

10. ktm:öldürttürttürttürttürmek

and goes on forever


Seni öldüreceim. (I will kill you.)

Seni öldürteceim. (I will make you kill.) (namely: I will order someone to kill you, and that person will kill you.)

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