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Verb root +D4r or T4r

To make Or have  the action by someone else.

THis lesson in progress.....

Verb Root+ D4R or   T4R        
Açmak To open   Açt覺rmak To let someone open
      Tirbüonum yok, bu arab覺 birine I don´t have a corkscrew I must let
Zil çald覺, kap覺y覺 aç覺yorum The bell rang, I´m opening the door.   açt覺rmam laz覺m someone else open this bottle of wine
Affetmek to excuse -to forgive   Affettirmek to make someone forgive
Çocuk özür dileyince babas覺 affetti When the child apologised, his father      
  forgave him   Çok ay覺p oldu, kendimizi nas覺l this was so shameful of us, how can
      affettireceiz? we make ourselves be forgiven
Almak To buy or to take   Ald覺rmak To make someone else buy or take
Her sabah gazeteciye gidip Every morning I go to newsstand   Gazetemi kap覺c覺ya ald覺r覺yorum. I let my doorman buy the newspaper
gazetemi al覺r覺m and get my newspaper.     for me
Al覺mak To get used to something   Al覺t覺rmak To cause someone else to get used to something
Rusya´da yaad覺m ama oran覺n I lived in Russia, but I couldn´t   Her gün kuuma elma vererek By feeding my bird an an apple,
havas覺na al覺amad覺m get used to its climate   onu elma yemeye al覺t覺r覺yorum each day, I am trying to get him used to eating it
Anlatmak to tell ,to narrate, express   Anlatt覺rmak To make someone else  understand
Dedem bize hikayeler anlat覺yor My granfather tells us stories   Dedene sor,eskileri  anlatt覺r Ask your grandfather, he will tell 
        you the old stories.
Bakmak look at,look after, view,take  a look   Bakt覺rmak To make someone  else look ….
  look upon,  care for…..   Cocuk iyi hissetmiyor, doktora bir bakt覺rmal覺y覺z The child is not feeling well we should have the doctor take a look at him
u resime  yak覺ndan bakal覺m We must look closely at this picture      
Anneannem çok yal覺 , ona biz My grandmother is very old,   Anneannemi bir bak覺c覺ya We let a caretaker look after my
bak覺yoruz. we  look after her.   bakt覺r覺yoruz. grandmother
Basmak press, step on,  publish   Bast覺rmak To let someone step or press
Yerler 覺slak, lütfen yere basma The floor is  wet, please don´t step on it.   Buralar 覺slak, kimseye bast覺rmay覺n This area is wet, please don´t let anyone step on it.
Beenmek To like   Beendirmek To make someone like something
Bu marka çikolatay覺 çok beeniyoruz We like this brand of chocolate very much   Emlakç覺 evi müterilere beendirmek için över The real estate agent boasts about the house to make the customers like it.
B覺kmak To get bored, to get tired   B覺kt覺rmak to tire- to pall
Bu evin da覺n覺kl覺覺ndan b覺kt覺m I´m tired of the mess in this house.   Her gün yamur b覺kt覺rd覺. We are tired of it raining everyday.
Binmek to get on, to ride, to get on   Bindirmek To make someone  else take a ride…
襤imiz acele, taksiye binelim We´re in a hurry, let´s take  a taxi   Misafirleri taksiye bindiriyorum I am getting our guests into a taxi
Birikmek To pile up, accumulate   Biriktirmek To save
Su ak覺p  yerde birikmi The water leaked and accumulated on the floor   Ben  seyahat için para biriktirmek istiyorum I want to save money  for my trip
Birlemek join, combine, merge, meld   Birletirmek join, assemble unite,connect,e link up, compound
Sevgililer uzun bir ayr覺l覺ktan sonra nihayet birletiler. After a long seperation, the lovers finally reunited.   襤ki k覺sa ipi birletirdim, uzun oldu I joined two small pieces of rope, to make a longer piece of rope.
Bozmak Break, disappoint, exchange,undo,corrupt disrup   Bozdurmak Exchange money
Paray覺 bozdum I exchanged the money for smaller bills.   Paray覺 bankaya bozdurdum I exchanged the money for smaller bills at the bank.
  I gave them change.      
Terbiyesiz adam覺 herkesin ortas覺nda bozdum I disgraced the impolite man in front of everybody      
Televizyonu oynarken bozdum While playing with it, I broke the t.v.      
Bölümek Tho share with eachother   Bölütürmek To let others share 
Banka h覺rs覺zlar覺  paray覺 bölütüler The bank robbers shared  the  money   Anneleri  pastay覺 çocuklar覺na  bölütürdü The mother divided the the cake between her children.
Aram覺zda bölüelim Let´s share between us   Ben pastay覺  aram覺zda bölütürürüm I divided the cake among us
Burumak To be wrinkled   Buruturmak To cause something to wrinkle
Elbisem keten, hemen buruuyor My dress is made of  linen,  it wrinkles quickly   O ka覺d覺 lütfen buruturma please don´t wrinkle that paper.
Çalmak To steal, to play an instrument   Çald覺rmak To have someone else steal, or someone else play an instrument.
Piyano çal覺yorum I play piano   Arkada覺m  laptopunu unutup çald覺rd覺 My friend  forgot his laptop  and had it stolen
H覺rs覺z ayyakkab覺m覺 çald覺 The thief stole my shoes.      
Çal覺mak to study, to work   Çal覺t覺rmak To make someone else study or work, to employ
Ali fabrikada mühendis olarak çal覺覺yor Ali is working as an engineer in the factory   Ben k覺z覺m覺 matematik çal覺t覺r覺yorum I make my daughter study  the mathematics.
Çekmek to pull, to suffer, to withdraw money,to shrink   Çektirmek To cause suffer- to make suffer
Pantolon y覺kan覺nca çekti. When the trousers are washed, thy shrank.   Müdür çok sinirli olunca tüm personele çektiriyor. When the director is upset, he makes everbody suffer.
Benim resmimi  çek Take my picture      
Dolab覺 köeye çek pull the cupboard to the corner      
Adam kar覺s覺ndan çekiyor The man´s wife makes him suffer.      

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