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If you bring the suffix "-ci" to the verbs, it becomes "-ici". The event is just this.


s覺kmak (1to bore, to bother, to depress 2to squeeze, 3to clench)

s覺k+ici------------>s覺k覺c覺 (boring)


Film çok s覺k覺c覺yd覺. (The movie was so boring.)


uzun (long), y覺l, sene (year), kanser (cancer), önlemek (to prevent), çal覺ma (work), yapmak (to do)


uzun y覺llard覺r (for many years (direct: since long years))

kanser+i(accusative)-------->kanseri (cancer (acc.))

önle+ici--------------------->önleyici (preventive)

kanseri önleyici (preventing the cancer)


Uzun y覺llard覺r kanseri önleyici çal覺malar yap覺l覺yor. (For many years, preventive works for cancer have been being done.)


yazmak (1to write, 2to print), çal覺mak (to work)

yaz+ici--------------------->yaz覺c覺 (printer)

yaz+ici+m------------------>yaz覺c覺m (my printer)


Yaz覺c覺m çal覺m覺yor. (My printer isn´t working.)


cadde (big street), ... boyunca (during ..., through the ...), birçok (many, a lot of), kitap (book), satmak (to sell)

sat+ici--------------------->sat覺c覺 (seller)

kitap sat覺c覺+i--------------->kitap sat覺c覺s覺 (book seller)


Cadde boyunca bir sürü kitap sat覺c覺s覺 var. (There are many book sellers through the street.)


bitki (plant), yemek (to eat) öldürmek (to kill), hastal覺k (illness, disease), neden olmak (to cause)


bu bitkiden yemek (to eat of this plant)

öldür+ici-------------------->öldürücü (fatal, killing)

öldürücü bir hastal覺k (a fatal disease)

-e neden olmak (to cause ...)


Bu bitkiden yemek öldürücü bir hastal覺a neden olabilir. (It may cause a fatal disease to eat of this plant. (direct: To eat of this plant may be reason to a fatal disease.))


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