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... diye - 2 : with the present simple

geni zaman: the simple present tense


This pattern gives the meaning of one´s own guess about a situation/event.


geni zaman + diye ---------> because/by the thought


emsiye (umbrella)

yan (beside (noun))

yan覺na almak (to take along (direct: to take sth to one´s beside))

yamur (rain)

yamak (1to rain, 2to snow)

endie etmek, endielenmek (to be worried, to be anxious)


yan+m(possessive)+a(dative)----------->yan覺ma (direct: to my beside)


yamur yaabilir (it may rain)

yamur yaabilir diye (because of the fact that it may rain, by the thought "it may rain")

yamur yaabilir diye endielenmek (to be anxious about/because of the fact that it may rain)


Yan覺ma emsiyemi almam覺t覺m. Yamur yaabilir diye endieleniyordum ama yamad覺. (I hadn´t taken my umbrella along. I was anxious it might rain, but it didn´t.)

direct: "It may rain" I was anxious.


k覺zmak (to get angry)

hiçbir ey (nothing)

söylemek (to say)


k覺z+r------------------------->k覺zar (he gets angry)

k覺zar diye (because the thought "he gets angry")


K覺zar diye hiçbir ey söylemedim. (I said nothing because I thought he gets angry. (direct: Because the thought "he gets angry", I said nothing.))


bakas覺 (another else, another person)

/baka biri (someone else)

duymak (to hear)

k覺s覺k sesle (hoarsely, in low voice) (direct: with low voice)

konumak (to talk)


Bakas覺 duyar diye k覺s覺k sesle konutum. (I talked in low voice because I thought someone else hears. (direct: I talked in low voice because the thought "someone else hears"))


geri dönmek (to come back, to return)

beklemek (1to wait, 2to hope, to expect)


geri dön+r+sin---------------->geri dönersin (you return)

geri gönersin diye (by the thought "you return")


Geri dönersin diye bekliyorduk. (We were expecting that you return)


misafir (guest)

gelmek (to come)

tüm, bütün (whole, all)

ev (house,  home)

temizlemek (to clean)


misafir gelir (guests come)

misafir gelir diye (by the thought "a guest comes")


Misafir gelir diye tüm evi temizledi. (She cleaned the whole house because she thought a guest comes.)

(She cleaned the whole house by the thought "a guest comes".)


iyi (good, well)

görmek (to see)

büyük (1big, 2large, 3great)

harf (letter)

yazmak (to write)


gör+eme(neg.guess)+ebil(able)+r(pr.simp)+iz--->göremeyebiliriz (perhaps we can´t see)

iyi göremeyebiliriz diye (by the thought that we mayn´t see well)

daha büyük harfler (larger letters)

daha büyük harflerle (by larger letters)


襤yi göremeyebiliriz diye daha büyük harflerle yazm覺lar. (They have written by larger letters because they have thought we might not see well. (direct: ...............by the thought that we mayn´t see well.))


zaten (already)

inanmak (to believe)

ikna etmek (to convince)

hiç (never)

çal覺mak (1to work, 2...3...4to try to)


inan+ma(neg.)+z+- --------------->inanmaz (she doesn´t believe)

o+i(accusative)------------------->onu (her)

ikna et+me(verbal noun)+e(dative)->ikna etmeye (direct: to convincing)

çal覺+ma(neg.)+m覺+s覺n+d覺r(guess)->çal覺mam覺s覺nd覺r (you haven´t tried (guess))


zaten inanmaz diye (by the thought "she already doesn´t believe")


Zaten inanmaz diye onu ikna etmeye hiç çal覺mam覺s覺nd覺r. (In my opinion, you have never tried to convince her because you thought she already doesn´t believe.)


uyumak (to sleep)

覺覺k (light)

kapatmak (1to close, 2to turn off, to switch off, 3..4..)


uyu+ama(neg.able)+z+s覺n覺z--------->uyuyamazs覺n覺z (you can´t sleep)

覺覺k+覺(accusative)------------------>覺覺覺 (the light)


Uyuyamazs覺n覺z diye 覺覺覺 kapatt覺m. (Because I thought you couldn´t sleep, I switched the light off. (direct: .... I thought you can´t sleep.))


çay (tea)

dökülmek (1to pour out (intrs.), 2to fall into decay, 3...6....)

el (hand)

yanmak (1to burn (intrs.), 2to be cancelled because a mistake, 3to fall down with someone very much, 4...)


dökül+r(prs.simp.)+ise(if)--------->dökülürse (if it pours out)

el+i(poss.)----------------------->eli (her hand)

yan+r--------------------------->yanar (it burns)

eli yanar diye (by the thought that her hand burns)


Çay dökülürse eli yanar diye çok yava yürüyordu. (She was walking too slowly because she thought her hand burns if the tea pours out.)


I can increase the examples as long as I see you want.

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