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E to T my attempt!
Polyglot: Gitmem laz覺m ... benim k覺z覺m sabah namaz覺 ... kalk覺yor. I have t...
sorry duplicate post
Polyglot: Sorry
traditional turkish saying. 2 lines help p...
Karnov: Thank you for the help. Appriciate it.
E2T Please
gokuyum: ... olsun.
E to T my attempt!
denizli: Thankyou!
og2009: how can we translate this Turkish saying into good English saying? "i...
JNQ: "puts the case clearly" is not really a sentence I would use. I&...
ulak: bir ricam daha: could you live in these town where if/ when you meet ...
og2009: thank you very much
Henry: Thank you scalpel, I only wish my Turkish was as good as your Eng...
E to T my attempt!
Polyglot: Senin yeni i nas覺l gidiyor? ... veya hay覺r? Kolay veya zor mu? Ho...
Turkish to English translation 7
aruwin: Would anyone translate this powerful speech?
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