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gerund (two subjects)
Faruk: 1) ... kuşu ... musun? 2) Geldiğini ... 3) ... ... bir ......
Türkçe konuşalım! !هيا بنا نت...
Faruk: Merhaba, ... ederim, iyiyim. Sen ... Beni ne zaman burada ....
Useful İnternal Links for Learners
JJL: does anybody know where i can get more exercises on the ... thanks in ...
Chat from Turkish to English
Henry: I´m not Turkish, but ... a quick ... A: Bi minnoş ... sanki I...
Play for the nature
GastroVulpes: Çok ... ederim!
Turkish native speaker
imenkaya: I need help in turkish grammar please
English to Turkish please
imenkaya: I need help in turkish grammar please
Please correct this text
Marianostra: ... cok ...
E to T my attempt!
Faruk: ... ... ... biliyorum.
Tv show recommendations
Erbab: See above.
Suffix ´dik´ with additional s...
JNQ: Right, I was referring to Tom
E to T my attempt!
Polyglot: Faruk thanks so much once again
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Consonant Harmony

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner
Personal Pronouns

Turkish lesson by admin
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