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Thread: health issues

11.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 15 Aug 2012 Wed 10:38 pm

Thread: London 2012 Olympics: Turkish delight or doubt?

12.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 15 Aug 2012 Wed 10:32 pm


Quoting AlphaF

Well done si++ ; even barba will figure ıt out now !

We shall wait to see what barba is really made of, if she cant eventually substantiate her unnecessary statements.


Seriously, do you ever read what I write? I said I hoped that there was no doping involved. I only shared with you the views that a Dutch ATHLETE (a.k.a. NOT me) gave on the tv. ...do you understand the difference... Dutch athelete on tv... bm... not the same person, not the same opinion. I know nothing about running the 1500m, I can´t give an opinion on it.

Thread: Baklava

13.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 15 Aug 2012 Wed 10:51 am


Quoting Mavili

Is there truth to what Ive heard about Baklava really originally being from Gaziantep, which also is known for lahmacun and copper goods? I may have read that it was on the Silk Road trade rout, and that was when Turkey was introduced to many other foods from Syria?(künefe, köfte, kebabs, etc)


Gaziantep has the best baklava, because pistachio nuts come from that region. The nuts are a main ingredient in baklava. Wether or not it is originally from there cannot be stated. And if one person could answer the question if it is Greek or Turkish, world peace will be amongst us And which came first...raki or ouzo. Cazik or Tzaziki... Turkish or Greek? Etc. etc. etc. The truth is that Greece in its current form and Turkey in its recent form are very recent. You can´t trace these things back so easily to the countries with their current borders.


14.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 15 Aug 2012 Wed 10:48 am


Quoting AlphaF

1 - Who wouşld not go crazy, if forced to live in Palestine under Israel´s inhuman barricade?

2 - Yes, it was in the news.


Who wouldn´t put up a barricade, if your family is attacked? I´m sorry, but I don´t see killing babies as something that can have any form of excuse. I don´t care if you have an Israeli passport or Palestine one. Violence escalates and creates more and more hurt.

Thread: London 2012 Olympics: Turkish delight or doubt?

15.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 15 Aug 2012 Wed 12:50 am


Quoting AlphaF

I will certainly be very sad and embarressed, if any one can prove the two Turkish ladies were doped; and they must, if they can. But until than I think all those guys are simply bitching, in envy.

I did not like their Oliympic symbols either ! {#emotions_dlg.computer}



To be honest... A Dutch previous Olympic gold medalist commented on the races that day. And when the host of the show said "wow, look at those ladies, isn´t that great?!" the Olympian responded with "uhm...welllll...yeah...perhaps." When asked to explain her reaction, she said it was very strange to see somebody improve their skills in such an extremely short time, and two from the same country is basically impossible. On top of that, one can improve by running races, and these two ladies haven´t run a top race in the last year. So the Olympian said "I´m not saying they used anything... it is just very strange and almost unlikely to make such an improvement, especially without running international races." Let´s see and wait. I hope no doping was used, because that would really damage the sport (and my viewing pleasure!)


16.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 15 Aug 2012 Wed 12:42 am


Quoting AlphaF



"If you are not careful, the media will have you hating the people being oppressed and loving the people doing the oppression"


Malcolm X



I don´t hate anybody. I just dislike people who are making it impossible for innocent people to live in peace. This includes crazy Israeli´s as well as crazy Palestines. But in Turkey I get this feeling that people don´t see that there is such a thing as a crazy Palestine, and such a thing as an innocent Israeli. The violence has to stop one day, from both sides... but I´m scared I will never live to see that day


But seriously, did this previous news reach Turkish tv? It was an actual question, not just a post to make a point.

Edited (8/15/2012) by barba_mama


17.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 15 Aug 2012 Wed 12:41 am


18.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 13 Aug 2012 Mon 10:23 pm

Egypt Israel border attack leaves ´eight gunmen dead´



Because some people like to post random posts about Israel (don´t know WHAT it has to do with Turkey), I thought I add in and post this news of a week ago. My question to the Turkish people on here. Was this subject on the Turkish tv-news, or was it ignored? Because I didn´t hear anybody on here scream that those people were double idiots for killing other Muslims during Ramazan.

Thread: Ramadan Question

19.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 07 Aug 2012 Tue 11:28 pm


Quoting AlphaF


That you are a Jew (or half a Jew) should not lead you to blindly stand up for all aspects of Sionizm.

The "Olympic symbol" discussion is not about Jews and Judaism in general, but it strongly relates to Sionism.


The fact that I think the "2012 spells zion" thing is rubbish has nothing to do with my Jewish roots. It has something to do with me thinking it´s just rubbish. I do not favor Jews in any way, I just stand up when people think that all Jews are the same or behind a complot... or all Muslims are the same..or all Siks are the same, and so on, and so on. This zion thing, posting it as if it is reality sparks racism. I am against racism, not particularly pro-Jews.

Actually, religion is no issue in my family, so I call myself a person with Jewish roots. Not a Jew or half a Jew. My grandmother technically stopped being a Jew because she stopped believing in God after what happened in the second world war. She was a communist actually So am I also half a communist? Perhaps...

To alemeda. The Jewish bloodline thing is not something I believe. It´s just a religious rule. Like "don´t eat pork." Some people see "Jew" as a race, to point towards a distinct seperate culture and history. The Jewish atheist isn´t really correct, but it´s something people call themselves to point out their cultural heritage and there is no country you can name to point it out. In that case it is similar to "Roma" or something. But more politically correct would be to say Hebrew (some Americans do, European are not so politically correct). So in that case you can´t be a Jewish atheist. It would be a Hebrew atheist.


20.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 07 Aug 2012 Tue 11:18 pm


Quoting AlphaF

You need to plan ahead to survive the crisis.

If you feel you will have a better chance within an organized survival group, here is a starting point for you,


Amazing that all Americans (except brave and smart barba) seem to be preparing for the final collapse...no kidding ! {#emotions_dlg.alcoholics}


Uh... since when did I become an American?

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