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51.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 15 Jun 2012 Fri 01:42 pm

I fail to see how Israel comes into this discussion. I know people like to blame Israel for a lot, and some of the things this state is blamed for is true... but general distruction of seeds? Really? And no, please don´t explain it to me... I already had enough angry discussion threads lately

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52.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 15 Jun 2012 Fri 01:30 pm


Quoting AlphaF



Quran specifically states "We have created everything in the form that is best suited for your use. Do not change them, do not attempt to play with their characteristics".

That instruction was issued to mankind 1500 years ago. If there are any miracles (not stories) associated with religions at all, this must be the single most important one.


You have every right to not eat GDO food, and you can also base this notion on religion. This has nothing to do with Greenpeace´s warning though. I´m not religious, so I try to base my food choices on different things. I way the pros and the cons, and for me personally I don´t see enough cons against eating some forms of GDO.


53.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 14 Jun 2012 Thu 09:36 pm


Quoting stumpy


The explination for this is that the maximum weight of a chiken is rather less than a pig. The chicken can be slaughtered prior to being cooked, takes about 15-20 minutes to kill, gut and clean a chicken, versus a pig which takes a little longer to go through the slaughter process and is rather large to throw in a pot right after, unless you plan to feed a whole village in one shot.

Also, pigs roll about in mud(to protect it´s skin from the sun) are rummagers, in some countries they are used to controle organic refuse(vegetable and fruits and peelings thrown out), so in general they look unclean.


I saw this cool thing on tv, that showed most pigs actually hate dirt... But because we humans only offer them dirty water they usually walk around covered in that dirt just to keep cool. If we would provide them clean water, they would walk around freshly washed all the time Anyway, the moment I realised that chickens eat their own poop, I didn´t eat chicken for a while... I totally understand people who limit their meat-intake, not only for a vegetarian point of view, but also because a piece of meat increases your carbon-footprint. But I just can´t live without my meat So I just have a vegi-day once in a while.


54.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 14 Jun 2012 Thu 09:30 pm


Quoting AlphaF




That GDO seeds yield more crop may be true in the short term. but that they also yield more income is a total lie, because the unit cost of growing from GDO seeds is much higher compared to conventional local seeds. (farming with GDO seed requıres more labor, water, fertilizer, gasoline etc.). Experience showed that GDO seeds also exhaust the soıl very quickly.

GDO seeds are manufactured, marketed and distributed by power elites; when local seeds totally disappear, these power elites will have no competition (they can name their prices) and control the agricultural activities of farmers worldwide. That will be a good hold on dependence of all non seed producing countries. even if good wills of seed producers can be trusted.

At worst, seed producers may be inclined to control genetics of others, through the GDO food forced on user nations.

It is not wise to label instititution bad, even when they are speaking the truth. Greenpeace may have other (not as innocent angles around the world) but they are right to oppose GDO seeds and food.


Not entirely true. In the best sense GDO crops would cost less. They could survive with lesser nutriants in the soil. The problem is that the companies that modify the crops are often big international labs that sometimes try to sell the crops for a lot of money. In this case the crop itself isn´t bad, the idea of GDO also isn´t bad, but the companies abusing poverty are bad. I don´t think Greenpeace is bad, but I do think they have a one-sided view sometimes. In some cases they go to far in their pro-nature views and forget about the human reality. GDO has actually helped a lot of poor people, but often Greenpeace is not open to that reality and only focusses on the bad stories. I don´t think they are right to oppose all GDO automatically, just because it is GDO. An average tomato on the market is this way because of years and years of breeding. GDO is the natural next step, in my view. Greenpeace can disagree, you can also do that. I can see how people want to keep nature the way it is, without changing genetics. However, it is not okay to create fear when none is needed.

A nice article in the economist: http://www.economist.com/node/15579956


55.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 14 Jun 2012 Thu 11:18 am


Quoting catwoman



I think it´s easy to dislike meat. I have to stop myself from thinking when I eat meat and generally don´t liike it too much anyway.


One Turkish person who was a restaurant worker said to me once that the reason they don´t eat pork is that pork is full of bacteria, he even saw it.


It is true that pork possibly has more dangerous bacteria than beef. (You can eat beef raw, whereas pork you really can´t.) BUT, chicken is even MORE dangerous than pork, and nobody says chicken is "dirty" in Turkey.

Thread: September Clues - 9/11 Truth

56.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 14 Jun 2012 Thu 11:16 am


Quoting ikicihan

This is the best video i have ever watched on this subject
I watched different short videos but this one is quite convincing.

Btw, be carefull you all what you type on this subject. It is somewhat forbidden to investigate it. Think twice when you comment, someone may be watching you, just be careful. Know it but stay silent!

Someone else explained what this documentary is about, i just copy paste here:


"No passenger planes were involved in the attacks on 9/11.

No plane hit the P*nta*on.

No plane crashed in Shanksville.

No planes hit the twin towers.

This documentary explains, how the mass media illusion was created in front of your eyes."


Somebody I know was in New York that day, and saw a plane crash into the tower (the second one). Was that an illusion of the media? The video says "see, nobody said ´plane´ on tv!", well... I am not basing this on videos, I am basing this on somebody who SAW it happen. She saw the plane, or is she paid by the CIA too? I can see how the media can change the things we see on tv and manipulate broadcasting, but how can they change things eye witnesses see. And how can they create the "last minute of life" calls the people made in that plane that crashed in Shanksville? And I have another million reasons why I don´t believe the video. Bring on the next!


57.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 14 Jun 2012 Thu 11:06 am


Quoting AlphaF

Merhaba .........,

Gıda, Tarım ve Hayvancılık Bakanlığı tarafından yaptırılan gıda denetimlerinde piyasada satılan bazı fındık ezmelerinde yasa dışı GDO´lu* soya kullanıldığı ortaya çıktı.

Gıda amaçlı GDO´ların ithalat başvurularının değerlendirme aşamasında olduğu bugünlerde, gıdamıza yasa dışı GDO´ların girdiğini öğrenmek endişe verici. Bu durum, GDO´ların bir kez gıda sistemine girdiğinde artık kontrolünün mümkün olmadığını gösteriyor.

Türkiye Gıda ve İçecek Sanayii Dernekleri Federasyonu´nun (TGDF) 29 adet gıda üretiminde kullanılmak üzere GDO ithalatı başvurusu karar aşamasında beklerken bu olayın yaşanması, ithalata izin verilmemesini gerektiriyor. Aksi halde, gıda güvenliğimizi tamamen kaybedecek ve ne yediğimizi içtiğimizi bilemeyeceğiz. Bu aşamada Bakanlığa düşen, acilen TGDF´nin gıda amaçlı GDO başvurularını geri çekmesini sağlaması.

Yasa dışı olarak GDO´lu mamül üreten Saray Bisküvi ve Gıda Sanayi´nin üyesi olduğu şekerli mamül sanayicileri derneği aynı zamanda gıda amaçlı 29 GDO ithalatı için başvuru yapan TGDF´nin bir bileşeni. TGDF´nin acilen, ismini ve üyesi olan markaların da itibarını korumak adına, Bakanlığa yaptığı GDO başvurularını geri çekmesi gerekiyor.

GDO tehlikesini durdurmak için lütfen internet eylemini
Facebook ve Twitter´da bir kez daha paylaş.


Tarık Nejat Dinç
Greenpeace Akdeniz
Tarım ve GDO Kampanyası Sorumlusu

Fındık yerine GDO´lu soya kullanan firmalar
- Saray Bisküvi ve Gıda firması tarafından üretilen "Eldenele" kakaolu fındık ezmesi
- Torku Frema markalı kakaolu sütlü fındık kreması
- MND firması tarafından üretilen "Loman Nedim Kakaolu Fındık Krema"
- Oben Çikolata firması tarafından üretilen "Seomilky" kakaolu fındık kreması


I did an assignment on genetically modified food once, and to be honest... In my opinion most of our foods are genetically modified. The crops we have today are like this because they have been "breed" that way, which is also a form of genetic manipulation. Genetically modified food sounds a bit scary (like Prince Charles said, Frankenstein food), but it´s not just bad! For example, think of crops that are stronger than the original, and can survive in hard circumstance like dry Africa. I think Greenpeace often holds a one-sided view on this issue and automatically things any for of genetically modified food is bad. Ofcourse the government needs to check these crops, but I think I will take the "risk" and keep eating my chocolates


58.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 14 Jun 2012 Thu 11:05 am

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59.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 13 Jun 2012 Wed 02:07 pm

People personal beliefs are not a "one versus the other" thing. The only people who believe that personal beliefs are the reason for debate, are the people who start wars.

In any case, I think the point about one non-believer in one country is not the same is in another is a good one. I also think that being born as "without religion" is something totally different than being born into a religion, and than denouncing the religion. I also notice that every Turk that I have met who has chosen to not be a muslim anymore, still refuses to eat pig

Thread: Absurd news from the Globe

60.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 13 Jun 2012 Wed 02:03 pm

Did I miss something? Is this a muslims-only forum, without allowing other people have different views? How about leaving this topic alone...

Let me try and change the topic again.... The relationship with Holland and Turkey has been established 400 years ago. Because of this there have been a lot of events this year envolving Turkey and Holland. The latest was a football match between Dutch and Turkish government officials! Interesting is that in the Dutch teams, there were some people with Turkish roots (namely Metin Çelik and Coşkun Çörüz), and in the Turkish team was the former pro-footballer, now goverment official Hakan Sukur! The Dutch team won with 3-2. Seems like an interesting match


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