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Thread: Absurd news from the Globe

71.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 09 Jun 2012 Sat 09:50 pm

It seems a bit strange... requiring a prayer room by law, when nobody asked for it. And would these prayer rooms be suitable for all religions? With all materials that are required for praying for non-muslims as well? I think not... if this law pulls through it is a very bad step for Turkey.


72.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 08 Jun 2012 Fri 09:12 pm


Quoting AlphaF

Give our statistician a break barba....poor chap is talking about year 2038.

İf half of Dutch population is without religion today (you said it)...What do you expect for the year 2038 ?


That was my point... He says half of the Dutch population is atheist, and he is talking about the world becoming atheist. Without official religion is not the same as being atheist. The ACTUAL percentage of atheist in Holland is 14% (in 2011). The 50% he is talking about are "without religion" people, who might be atheist, but who might also believe in God or believe in some other form of higher being. I can´t give a break for lying, sorry He claims that Holland is becoming atheist while only 14% is... That´s not a shockingly high number, is it? Show me this man, I´ll spank him for bad scientific writing!


73.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 07 Jun 2012 Thu 04:34 pm


Quoting AlphaF

A wild look at atheism vs religion by statisticians.


My own observation is that increases in income levels of Turkish families lead to liberation of man folk first: trendy suits, fashionable haircuts, expensive watches/4WD cars/parfumes etc start showing up; activities in extracurricular social life brightens

Efforts for any personal intellectual ascend however seem to lack. Only that portion of religious beliefs that help to keep the woman folk and other less fortunate men folk under control are treasured and enforced.


This article is either not written by a statician, or written by a bad one. The claim he makes is wrong. I can´t say it in any other way. The claim he SHOULD be making is the world is becoming more secular, or non-religious. This is NOT the same as being atheist. You can believe in god without having a religion. You can even state that you simply don´t know, meaning you are an agnost. Or, you don´t believe in god, but you do believe in "something." All these three views are not atheism. An atheist is SURE that there is no god. He claims in the article that half of the Dutch population is atheist. This is not true. Half of the Dutch population is non-religious. Badly conducted statistics, leading to bad conclusions, making it a bad article.


As a responce to Alpha´s remarks... liberation of menfolk can actually happen through religion as well. Often religious structures are used to oppress women. Although many religious people scream "it´s not true!!!", reality states otherwise. The men might have to dress in a certain way or follow some routines, but if this means they can sit on their butts all they and live like kings... that´s liberating But I do agree that positive changes often happen to men first, women much later. I also agree that some religious structures are clinched on by a certain elite to keep other people in control. I have to say, that I am worried about some recent developments were this urge for control through religion is increasing again.

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Thread: Absurd news from the Globe

74.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 06 Jun 2012 Wed 08:03 pm


Quoting Abla



What older Qur´ans? I didn´t know there is such a thing.


There is one first quran, religiously speaking: the one written (or transmittenly written) by the Mohammed. The qurans after that were copied from this one. Some experts (who are in hiding) state that heaven is actually filled with fruits and raisins, instead of virgins The further faith about virgins is actually established by hadiths, not the quran (as many thing in Islam). In any case this view is not held by any religious expert, since it is believed that the quran is directly a word from god, and it is not possible that some things could be copied in an incorrect way because of god´s will. My view differs, I think the quran was just written by a man, but each their own.

Thread: Absurd news from the Globe

75.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 06 Jun 2012 Wed 06:45 pm


Quoting Abla

I don´t quite agree all sweet things in the Islamic hereafter are reserved for men. According to tradition women will be extremely beautiful and wear clothes no one can ever dream of. They will never grow old and wrinkly but continue to attract forever. I think it is the same "virgin" thing said in a more feminine manner.


If someone wants to call these things a brothel it is his lack of taste.


...I´d rather have a bunch of Christiano Ronaldo look-a-likes adoring me than a fancy dress! Jeez, talk about sexism! Give me my freaking hot men!!! I don´t give a hoot about wrinkles or dresses. To make that my reward after death makes me want to live it up on earth. And yes, saying a man´s reward after death is a bunch of women that will sleep with him and only him, makes it almost like a brothel... except that you don´t have to pay the women. Now, if that´s a heaven that men want to strive for, fine. Their choice. But for another man to make an observation that it is kinda brothel-like to possibly put into prison is not fit for a secular state. Having bad taste is not illegal in Turkey.


By the way, in my opinion the whole "virgin" thing is a mistake in the copying and interpretation of the older Qurans. So the whole discussion is pointless in my view anyway, even from a theological point.

Thread: PORTUGAL vs TURKEY 1-3

76.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 06 Jun 2012 Wed 06:36 pm


Quoting AlphaF

No one said Turkey won the World Cup here... That Turkey beat Portugal with an unquestionably clear score ( Portugal in full force, in Portugal, as witnessed by 60 000 Portugese, with both Ronaldo and Nani in the game for 90 minutes) and then Ukraine within 3 days are facts.


Trying to find excuses for defeats is not sportswomanlike. Congratulations would have been sufficient...


My point is, congratulations with what? So Turkey beat Portugal...it leads to nothing. Why does Turkey mess it up in the games that do matter? The Turkish team has enough good players, they SHOULD be part of Euro 2012. But somehow the ego´s enlarge and the playing degrades whenever they play a match that does matter. The fact that they beat Portugal just makes me sad. It shows the potential is there, but isn´t used at the right time.

Thread: PORTUGAL vs TURKEY 1-3

77.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 06 Jun 2012 Wed 11:24 am


Quoting AlphaF

Portugal vs Turkey 1-3 Highlights 2012 Bulut Nani Goals Pepe own goal Ronaldo Penalty Miss Video Friendly

By Soccer Blog | Jun 3, 2012

Portugal vs Turkey 2012 ( Portugal Turkey VIDEO BELOW) Final score and result:- Portugal vs Turkey 1-3 ( Nani/ Bulut*2, Pepe own goal) Estadio do Luz, Lisbon, Portugal- 19.45 UK- 2/6/12- Saturday- 2 June, 2012 Portugal are stunned 3-1 at home by Turkey as Umut Bulut scores twice for the visitors at the Stadium of [.LİGHT]


...well, it doesn´t mean much, does it? Friendly games are often lost by big teams. They try out new techniques and new football systems. That is why they are called friendly matches. They also try to safe some energy for the important games that are about to come. It´s a nice win, but to treat it like Turkey won the world cup is a bit of an overstatement. It would be nicer if Turkey would actually win games that are NOT friendly matches

Thread: Thousands pray for Istanbul landmark to become mosque

78.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 06 Jun 2012 Wed 11:22 am


Quoting AlphaF

There is a very strong rumour about the Ottoman Empire having gone to Jewish hands after Kanuni. Some even say the Empire was exposed to a Jewish complot . I don´t know if these texts are based on serious research or if they serve certain purposes. And if so, whose purposes?

That eventually brings you to 1915, that unfortunate Turkish- Armenian fight in Anatolia. Turks lost their essential ally in Anatolia and Armenians lost their political standing, wealth, homes and many lives. Both parties lost; Anatolia bled and lost power.

Guess who was the winner ? If you seriously think about my question, you may even find some clues as to who organized (manipulated) the fight in the first place.....


If I say "the Young Turks" movement will you hit me?

Thread: Absurd news from the Globe

79.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 06 Jun 2012 Wed 11:15 am


Quoting si++

Turkey’s best pianist is on trial

Fazıl Say is arguably Turkey’s best pianist. The 42-year-old musician is undoubtedly great at his work. Over the years, he has emerged as a spokesman for the ultra-secularist. He has insulted those who listen to “arabesque” music, and made fun of veiled women. However, all of this is trivia these days, because Say is now about to be tried for “insulting religion” on Twitter. Back in April, he posted a few tweets which made fun of the Islamic description of heaven and likened it to a “brothel.” Soon afterwards, an Istanbul prosecutor prepared an indictment against him, asking for a prison sentence ranging from 9 months to 1.5 years. The court recently accepted the indictment, and Say’s trial will begin in October.


Well... I mean, I´m not anti-religion, and I don´t think you should insult people for listening to certain music or wearing a veil. However, I do think he should be able to expres an opinion on twitter, about the Islamic view of heaven looking like a brothel. Certain men are send to a bunch of virgins? So the view of heaven is related to sex, isn´t it. Why else would a bunch of virgin women be considered a reward? And why is there no such view of heaven for women? I think this man should not be send to prison for this remark. It is his view on things, and it might insult people. You can´t live an entire life without insulting people.

Thread: Thousands pray for Istanbul landmark to become mosque

80.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 06 Jun 2012 Wed 12:49 am


Quoting Abla

I see. I knew Yavuz was a murderer but I thought it was more like the spirit of the time.


I have been trying to create a basic picture of the Sultanate after Fatih but my problem is I read Turkish so slowly I have no chance to practice any kind of source criticism. It´s just my luck what ends up in my hands. But I have noticed the articles I find in the Internet are often controversial. There is the official truth plus several inofficial ones which with some luck you can find in newspaper columns or history forums, if you succeed to avoid all the pure fiction which is available.


There is a very strong rumour about the Ottoman Empire having gone to Jewish hands after Kanuni. Some even say the Empire was exposed to a Jewish complot. I don´t know if these texts are based on serious research or if they serve certain purposes. And if so, whose purposes?


It´s always easier to blame the Jews... anti-semitism is reason enough.

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