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Thread: Thousands pray for Istanbul landmark to become mosque

81.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 04 Jun 2012 Mon 01:58 pm


Quoting AlphaF

Well said barba !


Ugh.. I wrote such a good piece about the funding Ireland has received in the past to build up their industry and improve infrastructure! Ireland has been a "receiver" from the EU since...forever This means they receive more from the EU than they give, in money. Same is true for Spain (who complains about the EU now too...uhum). Countries like Germany (and The Netherlands) have been "contributers" since the beginning. They put more money in the EU than they receive. Anyway, my point was that people always seem to forget what the EU did for countries like Ireland and Spain... If they hadn´t received that funding they would have been much worse by now.

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Thread: Kurd-free Turkey?

82.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 04 Jun 2012 Mon 01:53 pm


Quoting vineyards

Barba_Mama, this world is a very complicated place when it comes to international relations.

There are certain things which you think I am taking for granted; it took me quite a while to come to grasp of them. You are trying a balanced approach, mostly sitting on the fence, idealizing the sides as a mixture of right and wrong and you are right up to a certain extent.

Nevertheless, conflicts between nations or communities are far from being simple matters that can be settled with this approach. They are like an iceberg; instead of ice, they are made up of hatred. You can´t judge it by what it looks like because much of it is concealed from eyes.

Take up another angle and consider, why there should be so much hatred and violence in the world? There are borders that isolate people from one another or in the case of civil wars, people involved usually have long spells of peace and jointly formed civilizations. Human nature is neither good nor bad. Unless provoked collectively, they don´t usually harm other people.

If there is war in this world, it is seldom caused by those who seem to be doing the fight. There are known fire starters, they produce the weapons, they have the intelligence, and they have a global coverage of those things. Wars are actually often started by the powers that be. Every now and them, you hear them warmongering, inviting troops from their allies. They are the ones with bases all around the world. Their intelligence services far exceed the reach of the BBC. In short, you need to be a superpower to decide who will kill whom.

Kurds in Turkey is a long story but rest assured, in every episode of this conflict, there is the hand of powers that be. It is a multi-billion dollar project. Without the support of the secret services, they couldn´t survive a day let alone owning expensive weapons, logistic and intelligence channels.


Just because I feel that the truth lies between the "they are bad, they are evil, it´s them versus them" approach, does not mean I´m sitting on the sidelines. I just think I´m being realistic. Nothing in the real world is black and white. I also think that powers to be can start a conflict without a base of discontent being there. They can add fuel to the fire, but the fire needs to be there already!

For example, the PKK influences Kurdish people negatively, making them even more angry. BUT, if Kurdish people were very happy with their lives to start with, and treated equally as the rest of the Turkish citizens, the PKK would only be heard by nobody, and dismissed by Kurdish people as a bunch of weirdos. When we talk about Kurds, we seem to focus on PKK. I hate that focus, because it is not the everyday reality of the average Kurd. What I see as "the Kurdish conflict" consists of PKK, but ALSO of the way Kurdish people are treated sometimes. I know several restaurant owners in a certain Turkish resort. They all got permits to open a teras in front of their restaurant...EXCEPT for the Kurdish restaurant owners who were born in the East! They had to go to the court to battle the Belediye, and only after that they were allowed half of the space the other restaurant owners were assigned. THIS is also part of the conflict, and people need to open their eyes for this reality too. For the average Kurd, it is not about bombs or wanting to kill people, but about being treated equally, and having rights to be themselves.

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Thread: Thousands pray for Istanbul landmark to become mosque

83.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 04 Jun 2012 Mon 01:43 pm

Quoting AlphaF

Why aren´t we joining the EU? That is some question really. Are you asking this seriously?


In all fairness, we must consider how the IRISH feel after a few years in EU, before we decide. 

http:// worldnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/05/31/11952055-will-crisis-hit-ireland-rebel-against-harsh-remedy-for-ailing-europe?lite

How would Merkel look with a tiny (fake) moustache on her upper lip?

Thread: Balaibalan - The first human constructed language long before Esperanto

84.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 03 Jun 2012 Sun 12:13 am


Quoting ikicihan

In contrast to the best-known modern constructed languages, which are usually meant to be used by as many as possible as international auxiliary languages, or used in literature or film, Bâleybelen was probably designed as a holy or poetic language for religious reasons (like Lingua Ignota and perhaps Damin). Bâleybelen may also have been a secret language which was only known by an inner circle.

It was speculated that each time God gave humans a new revelation, a new language was used. Abraham received his revelation in Hebrew, Jesus his in Aramaic and Muhammad his in Arabic. Consequently, Bâleybelen might have been considered a sign that a new religious revelation was imminent.





It seems strange to me that a constructed language was seen as a religious sign, since constructed language is by definition created by men. Hebrew, Aramic and Arabian are clearly not costructed languages. A lot of the older constructed language were used in religious ways, but not seen as a sign either. Oh well, each their own

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Thread: Erdogan´s remarks on abortion & caesarian. (reason for video in the general thread)

85.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 31 May 2012 Thu 11:41 pm

Article from: http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/05/28/217063.html



Erdogan, who also opposed recourse to Caesarean deliveries, sparked the row when he told a population conference on Friday he considered abortion a conspiracy to curb his country’s economic growth.

Appealing to women not to use the right to terminate a pregnancy, he said, “You either kill a baby in the mother’s womb or you kill it after birth. There’s no difference.”

The prime minister further fanned the flames when he told women’s branches of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) that “Every abortion is an Uludere,” referring to a botched attack on Kurds by Turkish warplanes in December that claimed 34 lives.

In Istanbul, dozens of women protested at the weekend, unfurling banners reading, “Is the right to abortion the prime minister’s business?”, “Uludcere is murder, not abortion,” and “It’s our womb, we have Caesarean delivery or abortion.”

Female deputies from the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) also joined the fray, urging Erdogan to “give up standing guard over women’s vaginas.”

Erdogan, whose governing Justice and Development Party takes its roots from Islam, has repeatedly called on women to have at least three children.

Thread: Thousands pray for Istanbul landmark to become mosque

86.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 31 May 2012 Thu 07:01 pm

Thread: Thousands pray for Istanbul landmark to become mosque

87.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 31 May 2012 Thu 03:04 pm


Quoting tunci



I didnt think he said "all muslims muslims are idiot ". when you say "our people", that needs to be explained..who are those "our people" ? and why you think they are idiot ? Calling group of people, community, or whatever, as "idiot" is wrong anyway..



I don´t think calling a group of ignorant people idiots is wrong. Idiots are idiots.

Thread: Thousands pray for Istanbul landmark to become mosque

88.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 31 May 2012 Thu 12:14 am


Quoting tunci



Nothing wrong with " we Moslems ´ taking over Paris " The wrong thing is calling our people "idiots ".


He´s not saying all muslims are idiots, just saying that the idiots within islam (thus "our" idiots) need to be explained something.

Thread: turkish travel agency

89.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 31 May 2012 Thu 12:13 am


Quoting Sweet_Paradise

Thanks I did use google actually but since I don´t live in Turkey right now I thought some Turkish people might know the best travel agencies - as I said I want a turkish travel agency as I will be going on holiday from turkey in summer


I don´t understand it, I´m sorry. But you´ll already be in Turkey, and take a holiday within Turkey from there? What would be "package" about a package deal than? You´ll just need a hotel.

Thread: Thousands pray for Istanbul landmark to become mosque

90.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 29 May 2012 Tue 08:05 pm


Quoting vineyards

If an earthquake happens, Hagia Sophia´s dome will collapse and the building can be shattered into pieces if the forces applied to it exceeds it structural limits. Hagia Sophia is not the oldest building in the world. Collesium is much older and pyramids are several times as old as Hagia Sophia. The only reason they stood the test of time is because they were built to last using proper techniques.


Actually, the chance that Hagia Sofia will collapse is rather small. When the dome was repeared the last time, they have used a certain special concreet. It is actually always slightly wet. So any cracks that appear slowly repair itself. The cracks that might have appeared from the last earthquake in the region have already repaired itself. Thank you Discovery Channel for this information They had a whole documentary about the dome, the repears Sinan had done, and the chances that the dome would collaps. By the way, the minarets do not make the structure stronger in any way.

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