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thehandsom 04 Jul 2009

News from Turkey

4th July 2009


I was talking about a document last week..


First of all  let me explain a bit more about this document.

It is a document allegedly "prepared by the army" and the document was outlining "how the army will fight against AKP government and Fetullah Gulen group"..

Bear in mind that AKP is the party  of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and they were "elected by the Turkish people".

They are the ruling party at the moment. (personally I would never vote for a nationalist or religious party. But, if we are talking about democracy etc then, we have to show our respect for the results. At least there was an election, people´s decision etc).

Basically, if it is true that there is such a document, it means ´the army thinks that the government is dangerous for Turkey and in  the document m it is said that "they should/will do this and that etc to fight them"´.

Well that is the peculiarity about the event, an army of a country is planning to fight its own elected government!!.. It is like the British army is forming a think tank group and preparing plans to oust the labour government!! 


There is a nice analysis from Reuters btw..



A few days ago the colonel whose signature is on the document (or on the copy of the document because the original doc seems missing) was questioned by the non army prosecutors and at the same day he was arrested!! (which was a public defiance by non army prosecutors against the army)

But 14 hours later, another court released him  after a suspicious appointment of a judge to that court!!

Anyway, I personally believe that Turkey is on its way to full democracy..

It is changing and it is changing fast.

People are asking for more and more freedom and more and more democracy.. (btw..there was also a theory that democracy can exist properly in a country, only if that country´s GDP is more than 10.000 $.  It looks like Turkey is getting richer and GDP must be around 10k)

People of Turkey suddenly started to question the statuesque..

They keep voting for the party that is not backing off from the army!!

They do not want the army in politics any more..

And after almost since the beginning of the republic, the army is trying to defend itself.

Their position is clearly a defensive position.. 

That itself is a  first. 


The government also passed a bill about military personnel involved in coups, junta, terror, gangs and alike to be tried in a civil court (which was not the case before)

An article about what it means to us ..




And also there was a survey about men in Turkey..

(I am not sure if KONDA -one of Turkey´s most respected survey organizations!!- is involved in or not :P)

They surveyed 70.000 men in 25 cities and in 12 towns apparently..

They claim that ´they managed to prepare the genetic map of men in Turkey´ 

And here are the results:

Every 2 men out of 3 are having erection problems  :( 

The most healthy men are from Izmir and the least healthy men are from Konya

(Thanks god, I have never been in Konya :) ) ..

Well apparently the average ´erection hardness´ was supposed to be between 22-25 but average of Turkey was found as 17.28!!! (I have no idea how they measure the erection hardness :) )

(Izmir men´s erection hardness was 24.11 where as men from Konya managed to make 10.4 only.. Strangely Konya men happens to be toping the charts in weight -95 kgs- and also waist measurement..they scored 108 cms. where the average was 97 cms)

 (note to myself..no more sweets and bread.. The results have ´hidden/cuddly/softening´ side effects)


We are average 85 kg and 175 cms..

75 % of men are having higher blood pressure


Here is the link (in Turkish )



Turkish economy shrinks 13.8% in the first quarter of 2009..

Although the prime minister RTE said several months ago that ´the global crisis´ will not effect Turkey but the reality  has been somewhat different.

While the GDP went down below $10.000 to $9.642, this is the 4th time Turkish economy shrunk with double digits in its 86 years of history..

The others were :1940  %10.3, 1945  %15.3, 1951 %12.8.


source in turkish 



It was also the 16th anniversary of Madimak incident..


The banner in below picture can be a court case. 

The banner says that ´you were smiling when you burnt, you died in the cold´

It is a reference to Muhsin Yazicioglu who died in an helicopter incident and we talked about it here


His ultra nationalist party,  BBP is planning to take the case to the court..




About the comments being disabled from some of my columns..

Yani..offf..As you know me very well, I am not afraid of any criticism..

I just did not want to see any unnecessary and pointless arguments (or swearings from certain members) under my columns.. 

There is the entire section of forum for people who would like to criticize what I wrote here.

If you really have ´some opinions´, do write there!!

It is really strange for some people to think that I am deliberately trying to block their ideas or trying to supress their freedom of speech!!

I am not..

So get over it..

"Less whinging and less ranting" are always to the good..:)


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