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thehandsom 29 Jun 2009

News from Turkey

Meanwhile in Turkey:


In the last a few weeks in Turkey, Turkish politics are going round about a "document".


The document was first mentioned by daily newspaper, Taraf.  It is about a 4 page document signed by an army colonel and its date is April 2009..


This means it is a new document. 


The title of document is : ‘Irtica Eylem Plani’ which can be translated as ´Action Plan for Sheria´ 

And it is starting with ´AKP government who wants to bring Sheria to Turkey´..


If it is true, you can conclude that the army,  or some parts of the army,  concluded that the government wants to bring Sheria to Turkey. 


Any evidence about that allegation?




Because it is the army, they dont need any concrete evidence for such a conclusion..


And there are many items in the documents about what they will do. One of the items is making sure some groups, who support the government, will be caught with weapons!!!(the group they are referring to  are Fetullah Gulen supporters). Basically, they will MAKE SURE that some weapons will be found in those people´s houses..


Anyway, then came the action of the army prosecutors. Because it is the an army matter, the army decided to use its own judicial system!!


After a couple of weeks of investigation (by the army prosecuter) , the conclusion  was :"Since they cannot  get hold of the original document, they cannot check if the signature belongs to the colonel or not 100%  and also they did not find anything regarding the document being  printed or prepared in the army headquarters.  So the decision is  "no need to investigate further". (A few days before the conclusion, the head of the army said that ´the army judiciary is a free judiciary´ -he must have been joking I guess-


Well, of course the entire episode did not go well with the PM, R T Erdogan. How can it be? 


They had all those votes, they have been the elected government and the army which,  on the paper, is "working FOR" the government, has been planning to oust them illegally.. 


The PM demanded that the necessary actions should be taken by the army for these illegal activities..


The head of the army held another news conference where he displayed all his generals including the head of all the sections armies..


And he said that there is an ´asymmetric psychological pre-planned war against the army´ and warned "do not come on us".


Though the army seemed in defence during all this episode, the state prosecutors have taken on the case and called the colonel in question (and 8 more colonels) for questioning as  ´suspect´!!


Of course that may mean, the state prosecutors did not believe what the head of the army said.


And the PM said that ´the army should make carry out its own investigation to find out if there is a movement in the army for these types of activities´. By saying that, of course, he showed that he completely ignored the decision from the prosecutor..


We are all waiting and I guess we will see soon what will come out of it..:)




There was a right wing nationalist guy who was arrested a few years ago because he got involved in skirmish in a university (he was pictured he was shooting at some students with his gun). He was not a student!!. He was released after his jail sentence..



When they asked him why and how he got involved in the incident, his reply was ´well the reason for my involvement comes from "Ataturk´s Address to the Turkish Youth"´ and he also added that ´if someone is looking for a guilty person it has got to be Ataturk´..


´I will just go and shoot some protesting students to protect my country because of "Ataturk´s Address to the Turkish Youth"´


(I mentioned in my posts several times how ´nationalists in Turkey´ justify their actions and how their  psychology works!!) 


This guy is a great example what I was trying to say :)




A village in Mardin (which is south east of Turkey) held a special prayer (performed at funerals) for Michael Jackson..



I salute the internationalisation of those villagers..:P


But what about Farrah Fawcett?




PS..I will be trying to write ´News from Turkey´ series as often as I can and they will be just be what is important in Turkey at the moment (according to me of course) or the recent topics which made headlines..


I have still not given up writing about Istanbul places and history!!


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