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Respect between Turks??
1.       Sia
50 posts
 16 Nov 2006 Thu 01:28 am

I have a question... I met my friend online and we talked for about two weeks.. (I really like him and he seemed to like me as well). I also spoke with his cousin (my friend having been aware of this)... However my friend was in a car accident and had to go into the hospital for surgery, which he himself told me. His cousin then told me that he was released on 26-10-06, but is still in recovery from what I understand.

His cousin has been very flirty with me every time we spoke, and I insisted upon my "loyalty" to my friend, as I would not want to jeapordize any potential relationship by flirting with his cousin... However, when I spoke to him today and asked briefly about my friend's condition, he got sharp and stated "He is very very sick; very bad" and then dropped our connection.

I am not sure if he is angry because I was asking, or what actually happened.. I am now very concerned that my friend is not doing so well, and I have no way of contacting him other than through his cousin. The cousin also seems to have been avoiding me off and on recently.. and we have had very short conversations after I made it evident to him that I was interested in his cousin.. do you think I made him angry? I am worried sick now.

I asked for a translation to send to him.. so I am hoping he will answer me.. but I am very sad now.. Should I not even be speaking to his cousin? Is there some kind of respect between family members that I have breached?

I am very confused.. I only wanted to know about my friend's condition as it has been almost a month since I have spoken with him, and his cousin is the only one I can ask about him.

Thx everyone.

2.       gezbelle
1542 posts
 16 Nov 2006 Thu 01:40 am

ok, here's my 2 cents worth...

i think it is just a guy thing. his cousin could have been upset that you rejected him.

or he could have genuinely been busy and couldn't talk to you.

i don't think you have breached any secret respect between family memebers thingy.

you can talk to whomever you want.

also, you have only spoken to the guy for 2 weeks, i would say there wil be more turks to come along

no seriously, 2 weeks isn't a long time to talk to someone. i would just save leave it for now and wait until he does recover from his accident and is back on msn. then see what happens.

in the meantime, just email him and see if he replies. that is the most you can do at this stage. especially if his cousin seems unpredictable.

3.       Sia
50 posts
 16 Nov 2006 Thu 01:56 am

Thank you.. I only ask because he was planning to come to the U.S. to see me.. i know only after two weeks, but we did have a connection of sorts.. Im not saying we are "in love" by any means, but he definitely seemed very interested, as he had begun making plans to come to the U.S. already...

I am only concerned also because his cousin talked to me regularly, but very provocatively, and then would ignore me for a few days. AAahhhhh.. i am just worried.

4.       gezbelle
1542 posts
 16 Nov 2006 Thu 02:02 am

sia hun...don't stress about it. if it was meant to be it's meant to be. things will work out in the end. well, that's how i like to see things.

if he is really serious about coming to the u.s. as he was before he had the accident, then he will go through with the plans.

5.       Sia
50 posts
 16 Nov 2006 Thu 02:04 am

Thank you. I am a worry wart.. ! Haha!

6.       starrymhari
7 posts
 24 Nov 2006 Fri 11:09 pm


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7.       susie k
1330 posts
 28 Nov 2006 Tue 12:53 am

8.       nur1
427 posts
 28 Nov 2006 Tue 01:04 am

dont worry, kick his stinky ar..

9.       susie k
1330 posts
 28 Nov 2006 Tue 01:07 am


10.       gezbelle
1542 posts
 28 Nov 2006 Tue 01:08 am


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