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learning turkish
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1.       Bursali
400 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 10:26 pm

is there any one who learned turkish from this web site?

2.       deli
5904 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 10:38 pm

alittle but most i have learnt from my book but it is good to watch turkish people writing to each other and trying to work out what the heck they might be saying

3.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 10:43 pm

Merhaba Bursali, seni bir suredir buralarda gormuyordum. Neredeydin

I don't know about "learnt" but I was learning Turkish here. The grammar part is really good for beginners but we could do with some more vocabulary lessons. I was thinking about some thematically arranged vocabulary lessons - like the ones we already have there but a bit more detailed. I could do the English part but I'd need somebody to do the Turkish one. Anybody willing to give a hand?

4.       Bursali
400 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 10:46 pm

hey daydreamer i was here.i was just too busy with school.about your grammer thing i wish i could help but i cant if you do something like that i will try to help too.

5.       freshman
704 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 10:47 pm

It is not easy to learn a foreign language by internet or by book,fully...People needs some exercises about learning a foreign language..Also it changes person to person..I know some friends they can learn a computer programme or a foreign language easily by internet or book way...

6.       Bursali
400 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 11:12 pm

the best way of learning turkish is to live in turkiye.

7.       deli
5904 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 11:17 pm

nice thought bursali its in my future plans mate

8.       freshman
704 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 11:18 pm

Its not only for Turkey...This is a rule for learning a foreign language..You must visit country and must see their traditions etc...

9.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 24 Nov 2005 Thu 12:30 am

i think that no one can actually learn full written turkish from here because the lessons stop as soon as u know the basics...
there is nothing for people at my level (whatever thats classed as)
nothing for advanced students..

i also think that if there were more lessons people would have a bigger opportunity to learn the language, the site would get more hits and visits and people would be asking for less translations!! everyone would be happy in other words

10.       Bursali
400 posts
 24 Nov 2005 Thu 02:55 am

im sure one day they would have enough lessons to help no matter what level you are...

(25 Messages in 3 pages - View all)
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