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How hard is it to learn Tukish?
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10.       shehzad
40 posts
 05 Jun 2007 Tue 02:48 pm

Dear freinds i dont think so that Turkish is difficult language. or may be i m interested in it thats y its not difficult for me.. look dear it doesnt means u r native english speaker or french interest is the best thing. u should take interest in turkish .. i m agreed with teresa jana.. u should start baby Türkçe.. i assure you u will successfully speak gently turkish..

11.       paulad
140 posts
 05 Jun 2007 Tue 02:53 pm

I know exactly what you mean, I felt like i was not getting anywhere and have been trying to learn for months now. Last year I felt unconfortable/embarrased speaking turkish and eventually I realised that it was my own feelings of being uncomfortable that were putting me off. Not the people that i was surrounded by.

However on my most recent visit to Turkey I found that I understood a lot more and once I overcame my shyness I just kept trying. I told myself that I must try no matter how bad it was. It all started when i landed in Dalaman and at passport control they enquired why i was coming from the uk, with an irish passport. So I explained in my best turkish (the first thing i had learned from my linguaphone cd's) that I was Irish and living in the uk, although it may seem like something very simple, i was so delighted that had been able to converse with a Turkish person. From then on everywhere I went even in the shops, I haggled (probably in very poor turkish) for everything, even changed money, Everywhere I went I brought my phrase book. I would prepare phrases in advance and found that I could get by, and once people see you are trying they will help.

I was frustrated at first and wanted to have a proper format for learning, this site is fantastic there is so much to learn and you need to be patient. Learn as many words as you can, the rest will come eventually. I wish you good luck.. and just remember that if you are determined enough you will suceed...

12.       libralady
5152 posts
 05 Jun 2007 Tue 02:56 pm

I think Turkish is difficult if you are a native English speaker. I found French and Spanish much easier and by knowing those languages, makes basic Italian possible to understand with out learning. I find the suffixes and remembering which ones and how many you need to add to a word to form another word complicated.

I would say exposure to the language is by far the best way to learn, as some of the others have said, which is something I find very very difficult in the UK and I guess similar in the USA.

I would try and enlist the support of Turkish speaking family members to help you.

13.       g4wil
2 posts
 05 Jun 2007 Tue 05:35 pm


you may down load "WINAMP", and it will allow you to watch Turkish tv and listen to Turkish radio .
Watch and listen and you will begin to anticipate the next word to be spoken, kanal7 is a good program, covering all aspects of Turkish life. there is news, comedy ,drama, soap operas ,religion and politics.
Best of luck with your learning.


14.       natiypuspi
436 posts
 05 Jun 2007 Tue 06:19 pm

At this page you can listen to turkish radio and watch tv online.


(14 Messages in 2 pages - View all)
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