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TOMER language classes
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1.       dagdelen
489 posts
 17 Jul 2007 Tue 09:43 pm

Im thinking about attending these classes in Denizli for the 2 months course. Im curious, has anyone else been to these classes or does anyone recommend me to go ahead with joining?

2.       kali20
412 posts
 17 Jul 2007 Tue 10:11 pm

I'm interesting to

3.       catwoman
8933 posts
 18 Jul 2007 Wed 12:43 am

I went for a Tomer course last summer to Istanbul. The course itself was very good (I had a good teacher, don't know if that's a norm though), but the accommodation they arranged for me was terrible. It was very expensive for the tiny, stinky room I had, located in a spooky area, and the host barely ever had any food at home.

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4.       *Carla Louise*
207 posts
 18 Jul 2007 Wed 12:47 am

Ooh I'd never heard of this! Interesting

5.       jenk
278 posts
 18 Jul 2007 Wed 01:02 am

I am sorry to hear that catwoman had a bad luck with accomodations. What I have heard is that TOMER has an excellent reputation for teaching Turkish. However, I think that dagdelen should contact in advance with the Denizli branch of TOMER and negotiate the accommodation issue and ensure that she gets an affordable accomodation including food , TV , good hospitality, etc..
I could help if I was in Denizli but I live in Ankara..

6.       catwoman
8933 posts
 18 Jul 2007 Wed 01:41 am

Thanks jenk. If it's possible, I think it would be a great idea if somebody could check out the place that they arrange for you (they ask you if you're ok with what they found, but if there's no way for you to see it, then you agree to anything).

7.       jenk
278 posts
 18 Jul 2007 Wed 02:23 am

Quoting catwoman:

Thanks jenk. If it's possible, I think it would be a great idea if somebody could check out the place that they arrange for you (they ask you if you're ok with what they found, but if there's no way for you to see it, then you agree to anything).

exactly. This is something like you wouldn't risk yourself trusting someone on the other side of a chatting room with no info, pictures whatsoever..
I think it would be best to contact the TOMER office directly and raise this sort of concerns based on the experiences of former students..

8.       LuckyLuc
28 posts
 28 Jul 2007 Sat 04:36 am

I think Dilmer has a better system. Tomer seem to concentratwe on teaching you all the grammar at once, whereas Dilmer place more importance on talking..... Actually more useful than knowing loads of grammar you can't use. I finish level 3 and I can have a grammatically correct conversation.....

9.       Taksimdeyim
19 posts
 29 Jul 2007 Sun 09:57 pm

I've studied at Dilmer, and I'm very pleased with them. Unlike most language schools where the pay is little, and the turnover among teachers high, at Dilmer most of the teachers are founders who have been there for about 15 years. That should tell you all you need to know about the management's leadership style, and the teachers' experience and motivation.

I can't compare it to Tömer because I've never studied there.

I would like to offer you folks this thread if you are looking for more opinions.


And I want to emphasize that the issue of accommodations is definitely a problem in any language school.

1) They're trying to make money, and they want a cut of your rent. You pay.

2) You have no information or ability to negotiate. They know that: between the landlord and the school, they'll charge too much.

You're better off arranging your own accommodations. If if you end up paying just as much, you'll end up with a nicer place.

10.       Lapinkulta
0 posts
 29 Jul 2007 Sun 10:04 pm

DILMER is my language course (english) it is great please and ppl are greatttt..

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